10 Free WordPress Themes You Should Choose For Creating a Website

Free WordPress Theme

WordPress themes are a great way to establish the online presence of a website and also make the website stand out in the crowd. You may not be an expert in designs and may not have prior experience in coding but with the help of these themes, you will be able to design and customize a website as per your needs.

WordPress Themes are Important Because:

  • It makes the website or blog look appealing.
  • It can be used on multiple websites.
  • One can get fast results.
  • The functionality can be extended.
  • One can keep the website updated.
  • Additional beneficial features.

It is due to the multifarious uses that WordPress themes have gained such importance. Many users often look for free WordPress themes to add to their blogs and sites.

Are you one of them and are looking for a free WordPress blog theme for your website? Then you will be amazed to know that there are multiple free blog themes available for WordPress.

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This makes it difficult for users to choose from the wide options available. Read this article to know about the 10 best free WordPress themes for your website.

The Best Free WordPress Themes 2022

1. Astra

Astra is a good option for portfolios, personal blogs, business blogs, and e-Commerce websites. It is extremely responsive and works efficiently with the page builders available.

Astra is equipped with built-in support for WooCommerce. This helps one to add an online store to the blog when required. One can make blogs in any language and is also ready for translation purposes.

This is a WP theme with multiple color options. It also has built-in Google fonts. The setting up of colors and fonts is very important as that integrates well with the website or the blog. Astra requires 50KB as compared to 100 KB required by other WordPress themes.


  • Compatible with major page builders.
  • It is a lightweight theme.
  • Great customizable options.


  • You need the Pro version to unlock the amazing features.

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2. OceanWP

This can be used easily for any website, blog, business website, e-commerce store, and magazine. It has:

  • Full-width pages,
  • Different layout choices,
  • 2 navigation menus at the top,
  • Multiple sidebar areas,
  • Custom logo support,
  • Image galleries, and many more.

OceanWP is very flexible and comes with an easy setup. It is also enabled with live customizer support. OceanWP has a quick page load time, allowing users to load and check out the theme quickly on their websites.

The fully responsive WordPress theme ensures that it looks great and appealing on smartphones and tablets as well.


  • SEO-friendly.
  • Developer-friendly.
  • Lightweight and fast.
  • Coded cleanly.


  • Overwhelming customizer.
  • Error in the cache.
  • Not compatible with speed optimization plugins.

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3. Hestia

Hestia has an easy setup wizard with a plugin that helps to add testimonials and services sections to a website. This can also be used along with page builder plugins. The homepage can be set up with the live theme customizer. One can add different sections and also arrange them by drag-and-drop actions.

The theme is optimized for speed. One can optimize the source code, the plugins can be minimized and Hestia is also compatible with the popular caches. The quick speed of this theme ensures that the page loads faster than usual.


  • Live editing feature.
  • Advanced customization.
  • Great options for the front page.
  • Centralized customization.


  • Improvement needed in text editors for the frontpage section.
  • The site library does not have many templates.

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4. Bento

Bento works extremely well with the majority of the page builder plugins and is very suitable for business themes. It has great customization options. This can be easily accessed by the WordPress theme customizer. A user will not need CSS code to get the site to look the way she wants to.

The theme offers unlimited color combinations to try and great typography based on Google fonts. This ensures that the user can increase the attractiveness of their site and reach out to more readers.

Bento has the best web design available. It is well maintained and gives regular updates and bug fixes so that the users have a smooth experience while using this WP theme.


  • Advanced features in the free plan.
  • Low-cost software.
  • Easy-to-use.


  • Not SEO-friendly.

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5. Go

Go is a simple yet innovative WordPress theme that comes with a call-to-action button in the header section. This WP theme improves readability and enhances the user experience.

Clean typography is used in Go and the featured images are handled extremely well. A user can add contacts using the accompanying contact form plugin.


  • Minimal design.
  • Call-to-action buttons.
  • Clean typography.
  • Contacts can be added.


  • Problems while uploading via Admin panel due to the uploading limit.

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6. Blocksy

If you want a lightweight, fast and rich WordPress theme for free, then Blocksy is what you’re looking for. It comes with several types of pages and one can use it to make different kinds of websites.

Blocksy also works with page builder plugins. It has a built-in loading system that helps to load the site as fast as possible. This was built with Gutenberg’s editor in mind. Blocksy, therefore, comes with a lot of options that are customizable and also extendable.

One can create any kind of website or blog or landing page with this WP theme easily. Blocksy has been devised keeping in mind the updated needs of the users and to provide them with a seamless experience. Hence, old browsers will not be compatible with this theme.


  • Free theme for all users.
  • Easy to import.
  • Multiple layout options available for the pages.
  • Ideal for online sellers.


  • The huge number of features can confuse many users.

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7. SiteOrigin Unwind

This comes equipped with a minimal style and one can customize it with the SiteOrigin Page Builder plugin. SiteOrigin Unwind has different page layouts, backgrounds, custom headers, and support for multiple colors. With the powerful page builder, one will be able to customize any page layouts for their site or blogs.

To improve the potential of the content on your site, the WordPress theme comes with wonderful widgets. One can use them to give a professional edge to the business. One can make widgets like the call to action button, contact form, and even price table with this theme.


  • The editing interface is user-friendly.
  • Perfect for the average WordPress user.


  • Does not have a live customization feature.

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8. Hemingway

For users looking for customized two-column layouts and a full-width image area in the header, you must choose Hemingway. It enables one to upload their logo and even supports customized widgets, and page templates.

This blog WP theme looks good on high-quality smartphones as it provides a clear image and high resolution. The code for this WordPress theme is clean and has all the elements that most bloggers will need for their websites or blogs.

Hemingway comes with a robust security feature and this enables one to protect their site from getting hacked and harmful malware from getting installed on their systems. Since this theme has minimal code, it loads super fast and does not make any mess.


  • Good online support.
  • Ideal for small businesses.
  • Reasonably-priced.


  • Not translation-ready.
  • Support is not good.

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9. Neve

If you are looking for a WP theme for online stores and business sites, then this is the perfect option. Neve is also a good choice for personal blogs. It comes with a navigation menu at the top and also has a search bar.

There are built-in social sharing buttons and also a content slider. The minimal layout is accompanied by attractive typography and good color schemes. It is easy to customize Neve and it has good compatibility with most page builder plugins.

A great feature of this WordPress theme is that one can translate every element in the site with the help of free and premium plugins. The site might not be in English, but that will not deter any audience from going through it.

The on-boarding for this theme is very fast. This means that a user will be able to import a website in less than 5 minutes.


  • The core theme is lightweight.
  • It is highly customizable.


  • No diversity in the designs available.

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10. Sydney

Sydney has a fullscreen slider, the option for uploading your logo, setting the header image, using a navigation menu, and much more. With this WP theme, you will be able to create an interesting front page for your business site.

Sydney provides users with the necessary construction blocks that they need for making an engaging and interesting front page for their blog or site. This powerful business theme allows freelancers or companies to create an awesome online presence.

The 600+ Google fonts available with this theme is an amazing feature. One can select the Google font and then select one of their choices. One does not need to install additional plugins for using the Google fonts.


  • Easy-to-use.
  • Good if you are looking only for the free WordPress themes.
  • Great online support.
  • Many features.


  • Not good if you are looking for a premium look for a website or blog.

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What to Look for in The Best Free WordPress Themes?

With so many free WordPress themes available, you will be split for choices. It is, therefore, better to keep some important factors in mind that will enable you to choose the best themes as per your needs.

1. What are the features you need?

When you are choosing a WP theme, it is important that you think about which essential features you need compulsorily. There is a WordPress Feature Filter that makes it easy for customizing the search for different free themes based on features you need.

Have the design in your mind before you do the selection. Opt for those features that accomplish your goals and not simply clutter the theme of the site.

2. Do not choose a bloated WordPress theme

If the theme is full of features you do not need, it will impact the website in the long run. Do not install every feature available. Instead, focus on those features that will enhance the performance of your site or blog.

3. Select a responsive theme for the site

The responsive theme design simply means that the site will be easy-to-use. This is applicable on multiple devices. The menus and the widgets are easy to navigate on all devices. One must look for a fluid site grid and flexible image features.

4. Keep color scheme in your mind

Online marketing depends a good amount on the visual appearance and colors play a grand role in enhancing the recognition of the brand. If your company has a logo, then match the theme with the color of the logo.
If you are opting for neutral colors, a hint of color will make it interesting for the viewers. WordPress themes are very easy to fine-tune for color and one can alter the appearance and the color schemes by entering the custom CSS.

5. Choose a theme with an easy to read font

Make the fonts simple and readable. This will capture the attention of the visitors. If the fonts are not readable enough, the visitors might not navigate the site and abandon it.

Some free themes might have limited font customization. Hence it is better to check a WP theme when making the selection.

Which One to Choose and Why?

OceanWP is the best WordPress theme that one can choose. It provides the users with multiple features that one can normally get in the premium versions of many WordPress themes. OceanWP can also be easily used for making any kind of website, blog, e-commerce site, and so on.


These are the top 10 free WordPress themes available. You can choose the one that suits you the best with your needs. Each WP theme has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. So list down your requirements before choosing one from the list!!

Don’t agree with the list that we have provided? What are your favorite free WordPress themes? Let us know via comments.

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