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By Vijay Singh Khatri

One of Google’s signature apps, Google Maps, is the most common map provider online.

After its inception in 2005, the service has been incorporated into various blogs, smartphones, and other platforms. 

Google Maps is well-supported by WordPress, and several WordPress plugins on the Internet will help you incorporate it into your homepage, profile section, sidebar, or anywhere else you like. Many WordPress themes come along with the Google Maps feature.

Here, we’ll discuss the best Google Maps plugin approaches for WordPress.

How you can use Google Maps Plugin

While we’re in the Google Maps plugin, it’s worth noting that Google Maps has an embed code that you can modify and incorporate into your WordPress articles or websites without utilising any plugins.

Nevertheless, to use it in articles or websites, you must first turn to the text editor.

Furthermore, there aren’t many versions available for the standard embed code. Also, you cannot add customized details to the map.

To make your map more social and beneficial for the targeted users, you can use a plugin to add positions, markers, directions, paths, and so on. 

A quick Google search, or searching on CodeCanyon or the WordPress Demat account, you will come across many WordPress map plugin alternatives. To make your search easier, we have compiled here an overview of the most common aspects to look for when conducting your search online.

We have also put together some of the best WordPress plugins in the industry on the basis of their usability criteria, and analyzed them going by their functionality, scores, feedback, and user interfaces.

Features to consider while searching plugins: 

  1. A traditional geographical map maker with plot information and option to customize colours, marks, and positions.
  2. Major resources for creating one-of-a-kind charts such as maps of shopping centres, hotels, parts of the body, or food displays.
  3. Adaptive fundamentals that make the map look good on all online platforms.
  4. Simple and versatile map markers for labelling what’s on the map and adding interactive features to the overview.
  5. Map concepts that streamline the creative process and guarantee that no one has to start from scratch. Users generally appreciate pre-made geometrical parameters of well-known regions, provinces, and districts.
  6. Feature of answering geographical queries using points or addresses. It should not be necessary to provide the precise coordinates of a location when creating a map because nobody identifies them, and it takes time to search them online. 
  7. Mapmaking shines when it comes to fast address search software.
  8. Options for using the charts in locations other than sites. 
  9. Even if not everyone wants it, store locator capability is amongst the most widely requested features in a map plugin.
  10. Google Map practitioners also collect details from Google or Bing Maps and tweak the design to make it even better.
  11. Complete user engagement, including the ability to click to get clear instructions and/or display other details such as contact number(s) and shop address.
  12. You may upload resources to install your indicators as well as other map features. For example, you may want to have a sandwich logo on your map to help people find hotels.
  13. Fast localisation resources ensure that users from any geographic location/language can access the map plugin.
  14. Create your custom forms such as rectangles, circles, and paths.
  15. FontAwesome service because you will not have to constantly add your symbols.

Best WordPress Google Maps Plugins

Now let us have a look at the 10 best WordPress Map Plugins:

1. Google Maps for WordPress

When it comes to adding maps to WordPress and creating them without javascript, Google Maps achieves convenience and orderliness. Since the creators recognize that iframes are no longer used for charts, you will mainly obtain styles, fast adjustments, and simple publishing resources for viewing the maps on your website.

For example, you can use maps to create a company website or to include locations in a chart for your virtual tour. Shopping zones are great for restaurants, and the structure adds some excitement and imagination to the charts.

WP Google Maps has many features such as translation, different map formats, and various themes to select through. In map formats, the available options are terrains, satellite view, and travel guides.

Take into account that you should still use the store locator to get directions to discount stores. A paid edition of WP Google Maps with the ability to create an infinite number of maps, send CSV files, and even merge several maps under one is also available at the official website.

2. Maps Marker Pro

Maps Marker Pro’s outstanding functionality and success guarantee a spot on this list of the best Maps plugins for WordPress. You can use it to plot any location or share any path or trail, and you can customize each tracker as you go. The cost of license begins at $41.

Using 600+ options to create a map can seem daunting at first. However, if you look closely, you’ll see that it’s just a matter of adjusting the map’s measurements, making markings, and selecting layers. The ability to import data from multiple sources, such as Google Chrome, OpenStreetMap, or Google Maps, could be a key differentiator. Other important functionalities of Maps Marker Pro are:

  • QR codes to access maps remotely.
  • Option to share actual position and activity data.
  • Augmented reality feature to create any situation.
  • Segmentation feature to include many identifiers on each sheet.
  • Leaflet Maps Marker, a demo version of the plugin with restricted function accessibility, is also prominent in the database.

3. WP Google Map Plugin

If you’d like to spruce up the latest Google Maps aggregates? Consider WP Google Map. You can pick thousands of map types from Snazzy Maps, and easily add the styles to all the Google Maps compiled on your site.

This plugin allows you to install an infinite number of chart markers. WP Google Map has over 500 pre-designed identifiers. The pro edition can also suggest alternate paths as well as distances. It’s indeed absolutely reshapable and draggable.

4. Advanced Google Maps plugin for WordPress

The Advanced Google Maps plugin for WordPress imports data from various devices and provides location data and personalised icons for WordPress maps. This plugin is compatible with all software, and therefore it is very successful and popular. You get exceptional customer service, and the creators keep on updating it on a regular basis.

The plugin has the most five-star ratings of any WordPress chart plugin. We believe that this prominence is due to the visual builder and the numerous tags and indicators accessible to cartographers.

It is not mandatory to enter the directions for a spot, but it is available for difficult-to-find places or those lost in the trees. The best thing about this plugin is that the moment a person starts typing in an address, the autofill function completes it.

Road Designer is another feature of the Advanced Google Maps plugin that justifies choosing it. This feature allows you to just enter the start and endpoints, and all the possible routes will be automatically displayed. You can also use these functions in aggregate, generating a massive list of paths or indicators to display on maps.

5. Simple Shortcodes for Google Maps 

This plugin offers what its name says — a simple mapping shortcode that you can embed anywhere on the web.

There are no configurations to speak of, but you can change the map’s proportions and eliminate browsing. The maps are usually stored for three months, but updating the address revives the database immediately. Even though there is no modification available, it is ideal if you need a map on your webpage in much less than five minutes. It’s also cool that you could always add several maps.

6. Progress Map WordPress Plugin

The Progress Map WordPress plugin is primarily concerned with maps that depict directed advancement. It’s a location-based map maker that allows you to create specific map positions and guide users to them using route illustrations. In a nutshell, the Progress Map Plugin contains links to its target.

The users will see the most effective route to follow without opening a separate program, such as Google Maps. Of course, the Progress Map Plugin includes route track as normal, enabling a quick description of the road as well as switch guidance.

The descriptions are shown as markers and in a carousel, allowing the user to move among them and access additional details without choosing each.

For inserting directories and labels into your charts, the plugin uses post forms and basic WordPress format strategies. This simplifies things for seasoned WordPress users by integrating the bulk of the elements in a style they are already acquainted with.

All in all, the maps are stunning, with sleek designs, customized layouts, and additional features that are introduced daily to supplement an already particular perspective range. The graphic indicators and star scores are the main reasons to go for this plugin.

7. Maps Widget for Google Maps

The title of Maps Widget for Google Maps contains almost all the definitions, indicating that you can make a map for WordPress and put it in a plugin. Not only will this make it easy to have a map in the site’s navigation bar, header, or toolbar, yet this portable simplicity of the map feature means that there will be no latency whenever the maps are launched.

The Maps Overlay plugin displays a preview version of the map you make. When you press on the icon, an image viewer occurs in a variety of ways for more contact. The Maps Widget module improves the mapmaking method for all those who prefer widgets over standard programming for inserting maps. There is now a Manuscripts element, so we think the Maps Widget plugin is a good choice for those searching for a plugin or the Manuscripts module.

Although a user-friendly map plugin, it’s also acceptable but it lacks much of the additional features seen in counterparts. This increases future site rates, aids in making a map released faster, and reduces the time it takes with each actual map to display.

8. MapSVG

The best options commonly have extra functionality that you won’t find with a free plugin when it comes to paid map plugins. MapSVG continues this pattern by including dimensional maps, map edits, and special indicators in addition to the standard Google Maps features found in several other map plugins.

Through model and virtual maps, you have complete access to the type of map you make, as the opportunities remain infinite. For example, you might have a picture of an existing product or a description of a concept or valuable property. MapSVG allows you to convert any picture into some kind of map with symbols. 

9. Google Maps CP Plugin 

Google Maps CP plugin makes it simple to link GPS data with a blog and show a chart with your personalised photographs. You may choose a specific indicator to be shown on the map for a specific position. A majority of the plugin’s customization options are restricted in the free version and are only included in the premium edition.

This plugin is ideal for domains that contain a large number of observations of reference or personalised markers. The Google Maps CP plugin, which is built upon Google Maps API, enables the viewing of several maps within the same section. Devices can also import map data through Database or in JPEG formats.

10. Mapplic

Mapplic is a luxury map plugin available on CodeCanyon. It has a high ranking and a good track record of earnings. The immersive mapmaking approach is another tool used for importing segments and bitmap images to mount map indicators and targets.

This plugin may not be as versatile as the others, but it focuses on two things: global maps and virtual tours.

This versatile WordPress plugin runs on all computers and raises the standard for creating stunning, informative layouts for design and development and estate development. You might also see something similar to Mapplic in use on any store or function pages where several apartments in a tower are to be illuminated.

The intuitive interface and gesture maps provide a one-of-a-kind ability to develop scrolling maps. I envision these maps on devices for conventions or corporate events, directing visitors to specific locations and highlighting which companies are displayed from each region. In the floorplan edition, you could also install several floors, demonstrating that Mapplic is a fully featured option for anyone with these types of causes.

Mapplic is a quick solution to the other vector map plugins. Because of the simplified image sharing processes, the user interface is improved. As a result, we will classify Mapplic as a versatile image mapper with a simple statement about building the maps.


The trash is removed, so you’ll get what you’re doing with unrivalled maps, particularly when it comes to odd designs for items like warships, events, and retail stores. The creators also recommend Mapplic for online gaming maps and character game modes.

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