Best SSL Certificate Providers of 2022

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By Sameeksha Medewar

Whether you are an SME or a big-scale enterprise, website security is one of the most critical elements you need to pay attention to. The increase in cyber attacks can cause a serious threat to the success of any online business.

Your reputation in the online marketplace and your brand’s credibility is highly dependent on your website’s security. Customers prefer shopping online and share their credit card details and personal information on websites that are completely secure.

What is SSL?

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) is a security protocol that creates a secure and encrypted communication channel between a server and the browser and restricts interference of any third-party. An SSL secured website has a padlock icon at the front of the address bar in the browser and uses HTTPS protocol for communicating the data. The aforesaid things can help visitors to quickly know whether they have landed on a secure or an insecure website.

Choosing the best SSL certificate service provider can be an easy task only if you know about the reputed brands on the market. You may also want to make sure that you get the best offer at the most affordable price when it comes to buying an SSL certificate for your website. However, make sure that you buy SSL after doing proper research.

Best SSL Certificate Providers

We have curated a list of the most trustworthy SSL certificate service providers to consider in 2022:

1. RapidSSL

When you are thinking of buying an affordable SSL certificate for your website, you need to consider the SSL certificates offered by RapidSSL. Also, you will find a great range of SSL products such as SSL, single domain, and wildcard option in the domain validation category for individual or commercial setup.

Your website will enjoy powerful encryption of 256-bit and support of a 2048-bit RSA key. They also provide 100% money-back assurance and 24/7 technical support to customers for addressing their queries.

Depending upon the SSL certificate you require for your website business, you can choose one of the plans that may cost you between $12.56 and $125.10.

2. Comodo

Comodo is globally recognized as one of the top SSL certificate providers. It offers SSL certificates for all types of businesses – home-based and commercial-setting.

With its 256-bit encryption, the SSL certificate offered by Comodo is recognized by almost all browsers. It can meet all your website security needs and allows you to have complete peace of mind. Comodo brand covers various SSL certificate categories such as single-domain SSL, multi-domain SSL, wildcard, EV multi-domain, etc.

Comodo SSL has plenty of benefits to offer that include 24/7 chat support.

3. Thawte

Thawte SSL certificates are extensively used to protect online transactions and user’s personal information. It is estimated that the Thawte SSL certificate service claims 40% of the entire SSL market.

At present, the SSL certificate company has issued more than 1 million SSL certificates and code signing worldwide. The best part about Thawte is that you can easily install its SSL certificate on as many servers as you desire without spending any additional money.

Thawte SSL offers 256-bit encryption and is compatible with all browsers, operating systems, and servers.

4. GeoTrust

GeoTrust SSL certificates come fully equipped with plenty of features that ensure the complete security of your website. The SSL certificates offered by GeoTrust come with 256-bit encryption. This SSL certificate provider offers SSL certificates at reasonable prices, which start from $61.20/year.

So far, GeoTrust SSL certificates have been used by several enterprises and other entities such as Government organizations, healthcare NGOs, and financial institutions.

5. DigiCert

In 2003, DigiCert came into existence and since then it has been providing quality web security solutions to many individuals, SMEs, and large-scale companies. By leveraging its years of experience, DigiCert offers flexible yet diversified SSL products to clients.

Every SSL certificate handles the exchange of online information in a safe and secure way and ensures that hackers cannot steal any information.

The goal of DigiCert is to create a safe and secure environment worldwide so that the flow of information between the browser and server proceeds securely.

6. Entrust

Entrust is a leading SSL certificate service provider and offers a wide range of security solutions. All Entrust SSL certificates provide the SWS service, which effectively scans your website on a regular basis and locates the damaging code or other malware if there are any.

Additionally, Entrust provides certificate management tools that can be easily accessed from any web browser.

Among the extensive range of products and services, SSL certificates happen to be the most powerful offering of Entrust. Particularly, clients admire the SSL certificate providers’ ability to manage certificates across various domains from a management console.

7. Network Solutions

Network Solutions is more or less like GoDaddy, and they both provide an extensive range of web-related services such as domain names, e-commerce solutions, and SSL certificates.

The SSL certificates available on the platform come with the latest site and performance analysis services, which allow you to protect your website from attackers.

Now, in case you change your hosting service provider, Network Solutions will replace your SSL certificate at no extra charge. However, with Network Solutions, you won’t get any technical support.

8. GlobalSign

With GlobalSign’s top-notch SSL certificate services, you can ensure the complete security of your website. The SSL certificate service provider focuses on enterprise clients, more specifically, those who have plans to deploy highly secure and scalable PKI solutions.

This way, enterprise clients can have all the policies and procedures for using SSL certificates along with their creation, distribution, and revocation. However, if you are just looking for an SSL certificate for your website, GlobalSign can provide you with that too.

The kind of customer support that this SSL certificate service provider delivers is commendable. They listen to client concerns and provide the most effective solutions to resolve the issues.

9. IdenTrust

Earlier, IdenTrust was known as Digital Signature Trust (DST). The SSL certificate service provider offers outstanding digital identity authentication services to banks, e-commerce websites, finance departments, US Government, etc.

IdenTrust is an experienced and trustworthy global certification authority that has over 5 million visitors worldwide. It keeps the business identity secure by offering a 2048-bit SSL certificate using the SHA-2 algorithm.

You will get SSL certificates at very cheap prices with the standard plan starting at only $99/year.

10. is known for its affordable pricing plans and provides reliable customer service. If client approval is an important metric for you, then is providing the kind of SSL service that returns customers.

The plan for a single domain certificate for one year starts at $49 but if you buy it for five years, it can get lower to $36.75 per annum.

If you are running a small business and looking for an SSL certificate for your website, is among the best SSL certificate providers to consider.


To help you make an educated decision, we have compiled a list of the top 10 SSL certificate service providers of 2022 that claim to keep your website safe and secure. By integrating an SSL certificate with your website, you can boost your business’s revenue by ensuring your customers that they are interacting with a well-secured online platform.

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