How to Uninstall Minecraft?

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By Sameeksha Medewar

Are you having issues with Minecraft Launcher and need to uninstall it? Then continue reading below!

Minecraft doesn’t take up a lot of room (disk space/storage), but there are a variety of reasons why you may want to get rid of it. You should save your games properly before uninstalling Minecraft if you know you are going to be back i.e. it is just a temporary uninstall.

When you plan to reinstall Minecraft, you’ll be able to hop straight back in. The procedure for removing Minecraft from your system differs from that for removing any other programs.

When you want to uninstall Minecraft, you may face some difficulties, like:

  • Minecraft Launcher is missing from the Programs list.
  • Uninstalling Minecraft Launcher isn’t possible because you don’t have enough permissions.
  • This uninstallation could not be completed because a necessary file could not be loaded.
  • There has been a mistake. Not all of the files are completely removed i.e. incomplete uninstallation.
  • Because another application seems to be using the file, Minecraft Launcher cannot be removed.

Next, we are going to discuss some methods through which you can completely remove Minecraft from your system.

How Can I Fully Uninstall Minecraft Launcher from Windows?

No matter what purpose you want to discard Minecraft from your system, here are 7 tested-and-tried ways to do so on Windows, and the best ways of uninstalling Minecraft from macOS and Linux. So, here goes:

For Windows:

1. Go to “Programs and Features” and Uninstall the Minecraft Launcher.

The Programs and Features list is updated once the new software is installed/uninstalled on your computer. If you wish to uninstall any of the applications, go to Programs and Features and remove it. So, if you want to remove Minecraft Launcher, the first option is to do so through Programs and Features.


  1. Go to the Programs and Features menu.

Let’s first talk about the retro Windows versions i.e. Windows Vista and Windows 7. To uninstall a program, go to Start, type uninstall a program in the Search bar, and select the result.

For newer versions of Windows, like Windows 10, press and press Windows+X to bring up the WinX menu, then select Programs and Features.

II. To uninstall Minecraft Launcher, search in the list, select it, and thereafter click Uninstall.

2. Use the uninstaller.exe to Remove Minecraft Launcher.

The executable file for uninstalling computer programs is something like uninst000.exe, uninstall.exe, etc. The Minecraft folder contains this file too.


I. Navigate to the Minecraft folder.

II. Look for the files uninstall.exe or unins000.exe.

III. To uninstall Minecraft, double-click the uninstaller and obey the wizard’s instructions.

3. Use System Restore to Uninstall Minecraft.

System Restore is a Windows operating system feature that allows users to restore the machine to a previous condition and reverts back the undesirable changes made to the system after the chosen system restore point. The process includes deleting programs that are messing with the normal operation of the computer.

You can use System Restore to recover your data and fully remove unnecessary programs if you built a system restore point prior to downloading a program or maybe before installing. Before performing a System Restore, make a backup of your private documents.


I. Close all open files and applications.

II. Right-click on the desktop screen and go to properties from the options menu. A new window will pop up.

III. Press System protection/security press on the left-hand side of the System window. The System Properties window will appear on the screen.

IV.The System Restore window will open after you click System Restore.

V. Click Next after selecting a new restore point.

VI. Click Next and choose a particular event. It’s important to note that any programs or drivers updated after the specified date and time can not function properly and may need to be reinstalled.

VII. Click on Finish.

VIII. To validate, choose Yes once more.

4. Remove Minecraft Launcher Using an Antivirus Program.

Ransomware nowadays seems to be ordinary computer programs, but they are often more difficult to uninstall from a computer. Trojans and spyware are used to bring viruses into the server. Other types of malware, such as adware and potentially unauthorized applications, are often impossible to get rid of.

They are usually attached to your computer as part of a bundle of free applications. They can quickly get around the antivirus software on your system’s identification. If you can’t get Minecraft Launcher to uninstall like other applications, it’s time to see if it’s a virus. If yes, remove it.

5. Reinstall Minecraft.

If the uninstall file for Minecraft Launcher is corrupted or incomplete, the software would not be able to be uninstalled. In this case, reinstalling Minecraft Launcher could be sufficient. To reinstall the software, run the installer from the original disc or the downloaded file. You will be able to patch or remove the software using the installer.

6. In the Registry section, you can use the Uninstall Command.

When you update a program on Windows, it saves all of the configurations and details in the registry, including the uninstall command. You may uninstall Minecraft Launcher using this tool.

Caution! Please update the registry with caution, as any errors may cause your machine to crash.


I. To access the Run window, press Windows + R, then enter regedit in the space and click OK.

II. Search the Minecraft Launcher registry key in the corresponding registry key:


III. Copy the Value Data from the UninstallString property by double-clicking it.

IV.Open the Run window again, and then paste the Value Data into the box and click OK.

V. To disable Minecraft Launcher, follow the upcoming instructions.

7. Use a Third-party Uninstaller to Remove Minecraft.

Manually uninstalling Minecraft Launcher requires technical skills. Nobody can guarantee that the manual uninstall would fully delete Minecraft Launcher and all of its data. In addition, an incomplete uninstallation would leave several worthless and invalid objects in the registry, negatively impacting your computer’s efficiency.

As a result, too many pointless files clog up your hard drive’s free space and slow down your PC’s performance. As a result, uninstalling Minecraft Launcher with a trustworthy third-party uninstaller that can search your device, find all Minecraft Launcher files, and fully delete them is recommended. Below is the link to a third-party uninstaller:

For macOS:

  1. Click on your screen or open a finder browser.
  1. To open the “Go to Folder” window, press Cmd+Shift+G.
  1. Click Return after typing:

~/Library/Application Support/

  1. Make a recovery file of your saved games (optional). If you intend to reinstall Minecraft later, you can have your saved worlds. Here’s how to do it:
  • Go to the Minecraft directory and open it.
  • Move the saves folder to a different directory. You will restore the folder when you reinstall Minecraft.
  1. Delete the Minecraft folder by dragging it to the Trash. You can even delete it by right-clicking it and selecting “Delete.”

For Linux (Demonstrated Using Ubuntu):

  1. Make a recovery file of your saved games (optional). If you intend to reinstall Minecraft later, you can have your saved worlds. This is how to do it:
  • Replace username with your Linux username in your file manager and move to /home/username/.minecraft.
  • Move the saves folder to a different directory. You will restore the folder when you reinstall Minecraft.
  1. Activate the Terminal by holding Ctrl+Alt+T in Ubuntu, you can easily reach the Terminal.
  1. Click Enter after typing.rm -vr ~/.minecraft/*. You’ll likely be prompted for your administrator keys. This order will clear your machine of all Minecraft data.


Using different commands and methods we have successfully learned how to uninstall Minecraft in various operating systems like Windows, Linux and macOS. If there are any issues with your Minecraft game you can follow the steps given here and uninstall the game only to reinstall it on your system.

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