Minecraft Server Commands

Minecraft Server Commands

Commands are an excellent way to save time by cutting out a lot of work. These valuable lines of text can give you the rules of your game. Whether you want to switch the game mode or change the timings of the day, you can easily bend the rules of survival by simply logging into your Control Panel. This is where you can find your console and issue Minecraft server commands.

The server-command utility allows you to do various server tasks, including user management, system maintenance, account manipulation, and printer control. The server-command tool is perfect for command-line control of the PaperCut NG/MF Application Server or script automation. It takes commands as parameters and outputs the command’s results on the console (standard-out).

Here are some examples of how administrators can use the server-command tool:

  • To schedule online backups and data snapshots.
  • To schedule tasks for the user and/or group synchronization.
  • To automate the addition of new users after new accounts are introduced to the network.
  • To add funds/quota to user accounts and other account transactions.
  • To use custom scripts for automating the setup of user accounts.

List of Minecraft Server Commands

As mentioned earlier, a console command is not a mere set of letters but a valuable text that can improve your survival strategies. A console command is a lot more than a collection of letters. They can change your gaming experience world in an instant, from killing all enemies in your vicinity to smelting all the metal in your inventory in an instant. Some may consider this cheating, while others see it as a way to save time and allow them to focus on making their performance in the game better. Minecraft project. But how do put Minecraft commands into action?

Minecraft console commands are incredibly simple to use; they’re just like entering Minecraft seeds. When building a new Minecraft world, you’ll be asked whether you want to accept cheats or not. After selecting yes and loading the world, hit the “C” key to bring up the command bar where you’ll enter all of your cheats and co-op codes.

Any Minecraft server command must be preceded by a forward slash (/); (can remove this line entirely, no sense literally )multiplayer commands will not work with this prefix in a single player. To run a command, you simply need to enter the command in the command bar and hit the “Enter” key.

Cheat and console commands of Minecraft

  • @p – nearest player
  • @r – random player
  • @a – all players
  • @e – all entities
  • @s – the entity executing the command

Target selector variables allow you to select a specific target without having to type out their entire name. The five different shorthand commands are listed above. When playing on the finest Minecraft servers, you’ll become accustomed to seeing these.

Now, it’s time to take a look at some of the most popular Minecraft cheat codes:

  • Help

/help [CommandName]

Offers information about the given command.

  • Give

/give <Player> <Item> [Amount]

Used to pass an item from your inventory to another player. For example, /give PCGamesN Minecraft will allow PCGamesN players to receive 13 Spruce Wood Planks. When delivering single objects, this instruction is more simple, but it is important for stacking things.

  • Teleport

/tp [TargetPlayer] x y z

Used to take yourself or another player to a certain spot in the Minecraft world in a matter of seconds. By substituting another player’s name for the coordinates, the target will be sent to the specified location.

  • Kill


Add another player’s name to the command, and it will kill them/end their game.

  • Weather

/weather WeatherType

Allows you to customize the weather within the game. You can choose from a variety of weather options, including rain, thunder, and snow.

  • Creative mode

/gamemode CreativeCreative

Changes the gamemode to CreativeCreative, which gives you infinite resources and prevents mobs from attacking you.

  • Survival mode

/gamemode survival

Change the game mode to Survival, which means you’ll be attacked by enemies and need to gather all resources using the old-fashioned method.

  • Set time

/time set 1000

Set the time today. Replace “1000” with “0” for dawn, “6000” for midday, “12000” for dusk, and “18000” for the night.

  • Change difficulty to Peaceful

/difficulty peaceful

Changes difficulty to Peaceful mode. You can also replace “peaceful” with “easy”, “normal”, or “hard” difficulty levels.

  • Find your world’s seed code


This will generate a code for your universe; write it down to recreate it in the future.

  • Keep inventory when you die

/gamerule keep inventory true.

Ensures that you don’t lose the items in your inventory when your game character dies. To undo this, write “false” instead of “true.”

  • Stop time

/gamerule doDaylightCycle false

This will put an end to the game’s daylight cycle, allowing you to dwell in perpetual sunlight or moonlight. Type “/gamerule doDaylightCycle true” to resume the day/light cycle.

  • Summon


Instantly adds a chosen creature or object to your environment, which is very useful if you’re low on tame ocelots.

  • Atlantis mode


Dramatically raises the world’s water level, submerging all but the highest mountains.

  • Ride


Turn the creature you’re facing into a mount. (resolved)

  • Instant mine


One-click mining with any tool.

  • Freeze


Stops mobs in their tracks.

  • Fall damage


Turn fall damage on and off.

  • Fire damage


Turn fire damage on and off.

  • Water damage


Turn water damage on and off.

  • Smelt item


Turn all items into their smelted form.

  • Instant plant


No more waiting around for a planted seed to grow.

  • Store items


Stores all inventory items into a chest, which spawns nearby.

  • Item damage


Weapons no longer receive damage or degrade.

  • Duplicate


Copies and drops the item stack that you have equipped.

So, the above-mentioned are all the essential and popular Minecraft cheat commands you’ll need to improve your game.

How to use Minecraft Server Commands?

After you’ve created your own server, you’ll need to rule it. The simplest method is to log into your Multicraft Control Panel and look for your Console. Simple Minecraft server hosting commands can be run here. To OP yourself and obtain access to your server for the first time, type “op username” at the command prompt (Ex: op AshKetchum ). Let’s talk about the most used commands below: Given below are the most important commands.


By enabling Whitelisting in your management panel, you can keep them safe from any unwanted visitor. Server settings can be found at the top of the page, from where you can find the option whitelist. After enabling the option, save your changes and restart the server. Run the command “whitelist add username” or “whitelist removes username” without using the “/”.

If you wish to whitelist your server and keep it safe from unwanted visitors, you must first enable whitelisting in your management panel. This may be found under files, config files in the left-hand menu. At the top of the page, you’ll see Server Settings. Many of the settings for your server may be found here, including seed type, view distance, online mode, and more. Find the option listed whitelist-enabled=disabled and change it to whitelist-enabled=enabled. After saving the changes, restart the server. We can return to the terminal now that whitelisting has been enabled. Run the command “whitelist add username” or “whitelist removes username” from there. When issuing the command in the Console, remember not to use the /.

Ban players

As the name says, the command “ban username” or “forgive username” is used to ban or unban someone in the game. Both usernames and IP addresses can be used with this command. Your server FTP has bans.txt and ban-ip.txt files, add the username or IP address to each line of the file, save the changes and restart the server.

Both usernames and IP addresses can be used with the Ban players command. To ban or unban someone, return to your Console or enter the command “ban username” or “forgive username” in-game if you are already OP. Your server FTP also contains bans.txt and ban-ip.txt files. To do so, add the user’s username or IP address to each line of the file. To activate, save and restart.

Spawn, warp, and more

These are considered one of Minecraft’s most important commands, and that is why you should master them first. These commands are quite familiar in multiplayer servers. Keep in mind to use the forward-slash / before entering the command to inform the client that the content that follows is a command rather than a text message.

The most useful commands are the ones you should master first. If you’ve ever played Minecraft on a multiplayer server before, you’ll be familiar with commands like “/spawn” and “/warp,” as well as others. The Vanilla servers don’t have a lot of commands. However, Bukkit’s plugins support a lot of them. If you’re in the middle of a command, you’ll have to use the forward slash / before entering it in. This informs the client that the content that follows is a command rather than a text message. Keep in mind that the Console will only take commands without the forward slash / if you’re using commands from the server software, so just type it without.


The command /gamemode (creative/survival/spectator) (player name) is used to change the gamemode of a player, who could be any other player on the server or even you. You must type either “survival” or “creative” in the next section, but without the brackets.

To change a player’s gamemode, use the command /gamemode (creative/survival/spectator) (playername), where the player name is the name of the person whose gamemode you want to change. This could be another player on the server or even yourself.

You must type either “survival” or “creative” in the next section, but without the brackets.


If you want to give or receive items, you can use the command like/give. Add your name or the name of the player you want to give the item to. Keep in mind to use the ID of the block as the name of the block is not acceptable. Enter the amount that you want to give in the last part of the command.

If you’re in the middle of a command, you’ll have to use the forward slash / before entering it in. This informs the client that the content that follows is a command rather than a text message. Keep in mind that the Console will only take commands without the forward slash / if you’re using commands from the server software, so just type it without it. In the last section of this command, where it says amount, you must provide the amount of the item you desire to offer. It’s important to understand that a single stack can only accommodate 64 objects, so if you have more, the items may wind up in many stacks. The objects will be dropped at your feet as if you had dropped them, rather than being automatically placed into your inventory when you use the command. As a result, you need to exercise caution when near lava or standing on a ledge, as any goods provided to you may be lost if your surroundings are not taken into account.


With these commands at the tip of your fingers, you can easily improvise your gaming strategy and techniques. These Minecraft server commands can move you to places, govern large servers, adjust the time of the day, generate objects or entities, and basically let you enjoy your game a bit more.

In conclusion, this article discusses server commands, a list of cheat codes and commands for the Minecraft server, and how these Minecraft server commands can be used. Minecraft instructions and tricks are just as inventive as the game itself. You may move to different locations, adjust the time or weather, generate objects or entities, talk with your friends, or govern large servers full of people using Minecraft’s in-game Console.

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