What is Cloudflare Error 522 & How to Fix it?

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By Vijay Singh Khatri

The CDN service Cloudflare has assisted various web activities in further developing better performance and security since 2010. As opposed to conventional content delivery networks, Cloudflare functions not only as primary support for static content but also as a reverse proxy server, which acts as an inconsistent exchange with the web server. As a consequence, the cached content is not entirely in the control of the website administrator; however, altering the source code isn’t necessary since you only need to instruct the DNS servers to use the service.

There is a common error that often occurs when using the strong content delivery network: “Error 522: Connection timed out.” Maybe this is also known as “Cloudflare error,” but the issue isn’t directly related to the performance of the web service. This guide explains what “error 522” is and its causes, as well as how to fix it.

What is Error 522?

If your computer systems spoke out about Error 522 in our simple language, it would state that “We are unable to connect to the origin web server”. Similar to other error pages on the web, the 522 message is one of the HTTP status messages, where the ‘5’ exhibits a server error, followed by a ‘2’ that indicates the server error has happened while connected to Cloudflare. Code 522 illustrates “connection timed out,” which occurs whenever the TCP handshake between the web server and Cloudflare fizzles.

The handshake is fundamental for creating a connection—it becomes vital that whatever the CDN service gets, a client request that demands counsel with the server. Because of Cloudflare’s enormous popularity and usage, the 522 connection timed out error is now a standard browser error message.

What causes the Cloudflare Error 522?

Unlike what one would suspect, the reason for the 522 error happening isn’t because of Cloudflare breaking down but rather of a server-side issue. However, likewise, with numerous comparative HTTP errors, it isn’t always possible to straightforwardly name the source of the error. Various circumstances can cause a timeout while setting up a TCP connection between the CDN service and the arriving web server. There are several reasons why connection time-out error 522 messages occur:

1. Offline Web Server

The HTTP error 522 is frequently displayed due to the reached web server. As the web server communicates with Cloudflare through the web, an exchange is obviously impossible.

2. Original server Overload

Cloudflare puts in a lot of effort on behalf of the task’s primary server. For specific requests from a user’s browser, such as dynamic content, the CDN server should contact the first server. Similarly, as with a regular server without a CDN, this can cause an overburden and a timeout when constructing TCP if a large number of requests are being processed at the same time.

3. The firewall blocks the requests.

A Cloudflare error can be caused if the primary server is associated with its firewall. The IP locations of the presentation service ought to be permitted by this service by default. However, in some cases, the addresses are incidentally or haphazardly blocked. Thus, connections can’t be established. Incorrect settings may likewise result in packets being erased from inside the original host network.

4. Wrong DNS Setting

IP addresses of primary servers are used to function the DNS server. Modifications to this address should be sent to the CDN so that the server can continue to function. The wrong DNS settings are used because various websites have consequently assigned new web addresses to managed sites and do not send them to Cloudflare.

5. Incorrect Routing

Cloudflare should work within faraway network limits to guarantee that a website’s performance is appropriately enhanced. The path of packets handled by IP routing that is further sent through the different networks included is a rudimentary part of the content delivery system. If there are inconsistencies between the first server and Cloudflare, this usually results in a connection timed out message.

6. Disabled Keepalive messages on the server-side

Cloudflare utilises the “keep alive” header passage to keep up with making connections throughout a more extended timeframe, further developing performance. However, in any case, if the HTTP messages option is being shown on the web server and deactivated, it will lead to a failure in the connection setup, bringing the 522 error. Since most normal web servers permit the keepalive passage by default, this is a rare reason for the error and often has something to do with a setup error on the website admin’s part.

How to fix Error 522?

If you are in charge of a web project struggling with error 522, you should investigate the cause right away. Prior to examining whether one of the causes mentioned above is causing the problem, it would be ideal to verify that the primary web server is responding to HTTP requests. Without this, communication between Cloudflare and the server is inconceivable, regardless of whether all settings are correct. In the event that this quick check confirms that the CDN service can access the server’s resources as expected, a more thorough test is expected to determine the cause of the error.

Below you will find some of the promising solutions to fix the 522 error;

1. Optimize server limit

Web servers usually get overloaded, which is the main reason for error 522. Foreseeing the number of visitors at some random time is unimaginable. An irregular load peak implies that the server can’t handle the HTTP requests, so you ought to watch out for the traffic improvement of your web project by utilising the analysis.

Software. Assess the information daily to recognise bottlenecks and enhance the hardware setup of the hosting system. Adaptable cloud hosting arrangements empower you, for instance, to scale resources with pinpoint exactness, so you can respond ideally to volatility caused by the day, week, or season.

2. Check IP filtering

To see whether your web server blocks Cloudflare’s IP addresses, you need to examine the appropriate firewall settings and other filtering applications, like tables. Web addresses can likewise be filtered in the.htaccess document, so you should also examine them for blocked IPs. The CDN server provider uses the list of addresses that can be found on the official website. If one of these addresses is protected in the named projects or tools with similar functionalities, you must open it to resolve error 522. It is common for applications to block IP addresses automatically, so you need to leave nothing to chance and whitelist Cloudflare addresses.

3. Customize DNS/IP settings

Assuming your website relies upon a typical difference in web server addresses, it relies upon you to forward the changed IPs to Cloudflare. The providers report these progressions just to their DNS servers automatically. If an error 522 happens, it would be wise to investigate your domain’s IP settings. Sign in to the right admin section of the web project and write down the IPv4 and IPv6 addresses of the web server. Then, at that point, change to the Cloudflare setup menu and select the area causing the error. Select the menu option “DNS” and afterwards enter the recorded web addresses in the corresponding DNS records.

4. Activate the ‘keepalive’ message

It is somewhat simple to fix if the Cloudflare error is because of incorrect HTTP header settings. If ‘keepalive’ is switched off or fewer requests are made, you can address this in the different settings files of the web server, for instance, in httpd.conf for Apache servers. In any case, you have legal rights, which is frequently not the case with shared hosting plans.In cases like these, you have the choice of reaching the supplier if this persists with the setting “keepalive” for the chosen package you provide.

5. Contact Cloudflare-Support

If the 522 error is because of a traffic routing issue, contact Cloudflare Support. Raise a ticket mentioning the problem, determining which area you have previously checked for errors. Tools like MTR or traceroute are recommended by the CDN providers to get information about the current package exchanging between your web server and the Cloudflare IPs. You can attach the results to your ticket in text or picture to accelerate the problem-solving process.

What can a browser user do with the Connection Time Out Error 522 message?

HTTP error 522 is just a server-side problem as shown in the list above of possible reasons. If you browse the internet and encounter the 522 error when visiting a site, this isn’t caused by a faulty plugin or a broken internet connection. This could also mean that you can’t deal with the issue directly. If you are dissatisfied with the website, it’s recommended you wait for a while and visit it again later. In general, Cloudflare will have resolved the connection issue with the web server and the website should be working as normal.

You can likewise contact the responsible website admin – mainly if the site doesn’t work after a few attempts and shows the same Cloudflare error. You might get significant background data or will get the status when the website can be accessible again. Moreover, it’s likewise conceivable that the provider doesn’t know about the issue, so it is undoubtedly worth reaching them.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, the Cloudflare error 522, or “connection timed out,” is one of the standard errors a user often faces while browsing. This error mainly happens when a server takes more time than predetermined to respond to answer demands. Some common causes of this issue are lacking memory or CPU, a firewall impeding an IP address, and an offline KeepAlive header.

It would be ideal to follow the primary three steps; examine your connection and memory.

Determine Cloudflare’s DNS settings and change your server settings.

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