10 Best Docker Hosting Services for Developers in 2022

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By Sameeksha Medewar

Since its inception in 2013, Docker has become the #1 choice for developers in building applications. As per the StackOverflow 2021 survey, Docker was named the #1 Most Loved Platform and #2 Most Wanted Platform.

Docker has brought a revolution in the realm of containerization, especially for DevOps. DevOps professionals love the ease of building, sharing, and managing applications using Docker.

Kubernetes is a great platform to manage your containers (container orchestration), but why invest your time in something that can be taken care of by experts when you can focus more on other important aspects of your business?

Thus, we have compiled a list of the 10 best Docker hosting platforms loved and highly recommended by developers.

10 Best Docker hosting Platforms

Here is a quick look into the list of 10 best docker hosting platforms that allow you to use its capabilities to the brim:

  1. Amazon ECS
  2. Docker Hosting
  3. Kamatera
  4. Microsoft Azure
  5. Jelastic
  6. HostPresto
  7. Sloppy.io
  8. Google Cloud Platform
  9. Quay.io
  10. Giant Swarm

1. Amazon ECS

As per Amazon, “Amazon ECS is a highly scalable, fast container management service that makes it easy to run, stop, and manage containers on a cluster.” ECS uses task definitions to run your applications.

Docker and AWS have come together to help developers deploy their applications seamlessly on Amazon ECS and AWS Fargate by using Docker Compose to extend the existing investments and improve the developer experience.

With Amazon ECS, you get additional benefits of AWS Fargate, Ticket Support, Amazon EC2 Auto-scaling, Elastic Load balancing, etc. The prices are competitive as you need to pay based on your region and the number of resources you use. With high-end development tools, Amazon ECS is the best. The only problem is that there is no live support.

The customer is the king, and they love ECS. So, you can definitely choose Amazon ECS as your Docker container host.

2. Docker Hosting

Do you know who developed Docker in 2013? Well, Docker was known as dotCloud back then. And which can be the best hosting platform for Docker other than its developer itself? Docker Engine was developed in 2013 to run containerized applications. Docker offers 4 pricing plans to choose from:

  • Free,
  • Pro,
  • Team, and
  • Large.

You can avail of its free subscription, which includes tools like Docker Engine, Docker CLI, automatic updates, Docker Compose, and GitHub integration. You can also upgrade to a Pro or Team plan by spending a few more dollars. The additional features it offers are simply amazing.

With the crown of Docker developer on its head, Docker Cloud Hosting is an all-time favorite of developers. With customers like Adobe, Netflix, AT&T, and PayPal under its belt, Docker does not need any other customer reviews to prove its efficiency and usefulness.

3. Kamatera

With 20 years of experience, 13 data centers across the globe, access to advanced technologies, and thousands of satisfied customers, Kamatera is one of the most trustworthy Docker container hosting platforms.

You can choose your region, your version, and the plan you need per your requirements. Starting from a mere $4/month for 1GB RAM. 20GB Storage, 1 CPU, and 5TB internet traffic; the pricing option goes all the way to 8 CPU, 16 GB RAM, and 100 GB storage just for $96/month.

It isn’t expensive when you are a part of a large organization. It costs you only $0.01/GB for additional traffic. You can also try Kamatera free Docker hosting for free for 30 days. Developers love Kamatera for its:

  • No commitment, no setup fee policy,
  • Affordable pricing, and
  • No hassle of hardware maintenance.

4. Microsoft Azure

If there is a name in the computing world that is the most trusted, it is Microsoft. With their focus on continuous innovation and a hunger to be the inspiration for the global players, the tech mogul secures itself a place in the list of the ten best container hosting platforms.

What makes Microsoft Azure special is its ability to let the containers orchestrate up to 29 regions on the public cloud. With Azure Kubernetes hosting Service, it is easier for developers to deploy and manage containers on Azure. It provides enterprise-grade security to run your applications in docker container hosting. There are three plans for you to choose from:

  1. Basic,
  2. Standard, and
  3. Premium.

Although you don’t get any money-back guarantee, you can enjoy 24/7 live chat and phone support by paying a little extra. After all, you are availing of top-of-the-class services with Microsoft. The best thing is that even developers with a low skill level can use it easily.

5. Jelastic

It is a multi-cloud platform that combines Platform-as-a-Service and Container-as-a-Service models. Jelastic’s easy-to-navigate interface, access control tools, collaboration tools, etc., make it one of the most desired platforms for running Docker containers.

Jelastic has pre-configured Dockerized solutions that can be accessed with a single click. The standalone Docker Engine and Docker swarm Cluster are always ready to use. Easy Deployment, Automated Scaling, Multi-Cloud availability, and flexible management are other features that make the pricing very competitive.

Jelastic charges you based on cloudlets, which are multiples of 128 GB RAM and 400 MHz of CPU memory. So, you pay only for what you use.

6. HostPresto

Based in the UK, HostPresto is popular among developers for its super-fast and reliable, and cheap cloud hosting. The unique feature of HostPresto docker container hosting is the pre-installed and fully optimized managed Docker Container Framework. You can scale it effortlessly without worrying about the increasing storage and internet traffic demand.

You can deploy your container images from Docker Hub, GitHub, and even from your system. With years of experience, HostPresto has incorporated every requirement and need into its system that you might need. They provide you with unlimited bandwidth with every package. HostPresto has three pricing plans:

  1. Nano,
  2. Deca, and
  3. Centi.

Although HostPresto does not provide live support, their dedicated UK team is always there to resolve any of your queries. Sounds good? Yes, It should. But even if you do not like the services, you can avail of their 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. Sloppy.io

In this threatened world, where nothing is safe on the internet. The best thing about Sloppy.io is that its data center is located in Frankfurt, Germany, which ensures the developers the security of their data because of strict European laws.

it overcomes the complexity of Kubernetes for “not-so-tech-savvy” users and provides the complete infrastructure for hosting Docker containers through UI, CLI, and API.

They offer you 3 different plans for the kind of Kubernetes hosting you want, with added features for upgrading every plan. You also get a 14-day money-back guarantee but no live support. Compared to other platforms, it is a little bit costlier. But since it provides a 100MB/sec speed, customers are ready to pay for it.

8. Google Cloud Platform

Those who know about Kubernetes know that it was widely supported by Google, and the reason it is so popular. it was developed by Google. For those who run a powerful container orchestration tool like Kubernetes, hosting Docker was never a problem.

Kubernetes is a serverless, managed-to-compute platform that allows users to deploy and run Docker containers easily. It saves you time, and you save the headache of managing infrastructure.

Google Cloud allows you to deploy containers from any operating system and in any programming language of your choice. You can also use Cloud Logging and Cloud Monitoring services to monitor the services you use.

9. Quay.io

Quay has the feature to build containers from your code automatically. It splits your infrastructure into 2 parts build containers and distribute them to the servers. As a cheap docker hosting platform, it is equipped with features like GitHub Integration and Bitbucket Integration and is supported by self-hosted git repositories.

The Docker hosting platform is also equipped with comprehensive logging and auditing features. Each team is responsible for maintaining its own credentials. Quay.io offers 3 plans:

  1. Developer,
  2. Micro, and
  3. Small (starting from $15/month).

You may find Quay a bit costlier, but it is justified for features like security scanning and 24/7 phone support.

10. Giant Swarm

With continuous feature improvement and a focus on providing superb customer support experiences, Giant Swarm easily makes it to our list of the top 10 best docker hosting platforms. The platform releases weekly updates and quarterly upgrades to keep up with the technological advancements and the challenges the developers face while developing the product.

The feature which separates it from other conventional docker host platforms is that it offers a cloud-native platform wrapped in a managed service. Thus, with Giant Swam running, your containerized workloads will be much easier, reliable, and secure.

The pricing differs as per your chosen plan without providing any money-back guarantee. With customers like Adidas and other big names in its clientele list, developers trust Giant Swarm for the efforts and time it invests in making things smooth for them.

Wrapping Up

Choosing the best is always difficult when you have many of the best players. However, writing down your requirements can help you make it easier.

The above-listed Docker hosting platforms have made their places in the market because of the top-notch services they provide to many clients. For leveraging docker containers, you can choose any of these without thinking twice.

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