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By Vijay Singh Khatri

When building a website, have you ever pondered what one means when describing the site as a “responsive theme?”?

A responsive WordPress theme was developed for better presentation on all screens. If one’s website is responsive enough, then one can permit visitors to view it on their mobile screens to enjoy controlled and easy navigation across the online world without any or much trials and tribulations.

A responsive Word press theme is determined by modernism, customization, light-weighted, speedy responsiveness, etc. It consists of more than 15 ready-to-use templates for all types, ranging from Portfolio, Startups to consultancy, education, auctions, and many more. By using responsive code, WordPress themes developers allow the website to amend the size of the screen and adjust it according to the size of the screen being operated. This takes into consideration the function of resizing images as well as sharpening the user readability dynamically.

Mobile design is perceived by many as simply a responsive design. The mobile design focuses primarily on mobile devices in general, whereas responsive design provides guidance and support to mobile users more frequently.

Javascript and CSS are used by responsive WordPress websites to adapt their layout to each user’s viewport. In a web browser, the word viewport refers only to the part of the canvas visible to the user. Due to the digital environment not running on a 4:3 resolution in today’s day and age, responsive design also creates a consistent experience for the users accessing browsers of all sizes and shapes. It is common practice to adapt content to a variety of viewports, including everything from small-screen mobile phones to large-screen televisions.

Responsive Themes and their Key Features

With an endless list of features, a perfect WordPress responsive theme is known for, and the following are the most common characteristics:


By understanding how the connections of mobile websites can be figured out from desktop websites, responsive themes deliver the most responsive websites on top of their pages and are outsmarting their powers every day.


There is less maintenance required on responsive themes because the website can be viewed on a wide range of devices, so you are reducing workload. Why so? Yes, because one has to change at least two websites if it isn’t a responsive website since only one layout is organized and works across all devices, reducing workload and efforts.


Users are entitled to the smoothest, optimized experience on the device they possess with the help of Responsive themes. Also, because of this, one is supposed to update information just once on his/her website leading to reduced efforts in updating website versions.


Responsive word press themes result in no tension on redirects and permit a person to collect all the links within one URL ahead of the website. This initiates effective contributions for websites suited for users.


With a responsive theme, websites can be made user-friendly as a website can be accessed through any device and any-sized screen. With the best responsive theme and huge competition in today’s world with technological advancement and the emergence of a large range of smartphones, people tend to catch hold of opportunities to visit one’s websites.

Some of the Best Responsive WordPress Themes are:


It is a strong responsive theme consisting of an interesting deck of features to be used in any type of website. Customization of a clean layout can easily be practiced through templates, widgets, and other settings. Apart from being a fast-loading theme, it operates quite effectively considering business websites, blogs, and e-commerce stores.

There are various features which OceanWP presents its users; some of the prominent ones are:

1. Creation of elegant and beautiful custom selections and pages

  • Ocean Elementor widgets

Do you require additional widgets for spicing up your content? OceanWP core extensions bundle comes up filled with a lot of exciting features and options.

  • Custom sections

OceanWP helps in the creation of custom sections, footers, and headers. As a result, this helps in easy implantation on any level, either global or individual.

  • Custom page layout

Through OceanWP, you can enable or disable theme sections with very few and fairly simple clicks. This is coupled with the ability to control your webpage without any occurring issues.

2. Taking care and control of your website

  • Absence of coding skills

Yes, you are one to control your website; it isn’t the other way around. While using OceanWP, you don’t have to have any coding skills and knowledge beforehand. All the required settings are easily within your reach.

  • Global typography and fonts

With various typography settings about different areas and sections, OceanWP presents you with an opportunity to apply colors you prefer to all the sections; coupled with this, you are also presented with a feature of choosing from around a hundred integrated Google fonts.

  • Global site layouts

When you are unique, why should your website run behind you? OceanWP provides many features such as multiple pages, shop, products, blogs, blog posts, and other such settings for free so that your website can be as unique as you are.

3. A wonderful entrance to your wonderful website

  • Customizable styles for headers

OceanWP provides an option to choose from 7 different header styles, which includes transparent headers and an option of creating a custom header as per your need and requirements. Hence, OceanWP enables you to change header styles on the post, individual, or global level.

2. Mobile menu styles

The OceanWP theme comes up with 3 different mobile menu styles packed with it to pick without taking tension of the styling of the main header.

  • Top bar

You can enable the top bar section to avail the benefits of an additional set of features such as a social or extra menu.


Made for podcasters as well as music websites, this WordPress is known to be mobile responsive. It consists of different layouts for the podcast’s episodes’ display in either grid or listed view. It has settings to permit the changing of theme colors by live customizers and assists plugins in creating drag and drop builder pages.

A few of the key features of Tusant are:

  1. Easy customization

You can customize Tusant with an easy-to-use framework based on customizers for WordPress.

2. Full responsiveness

Tusant is applicable to work on any device, either it is a monitor or a mobile device.

3. Appreciative SEO and page speed

Tusant is fully optimized to provide you with top-notch performance about SEO and page speed.

4. Fully featured documentation

Tusant provides its users with detailed documentation coupled with an offer of step-by-step instructions on and every section of the theme.

5. Installation of themes with a click

You can import and install all of the demo content with the theme setup wizard presented by Tusant.

1. One of the best podcast themes ever made.

As mentioned earlier too, Tusant was primarily built keeping in mind all the features for perfect podcasting. Hence, it is one of the modern and best WordPress podcast themes available today.

2. Ready for translations through translation plugins

You can translate tusant into any other language you prefer with your favorite plugin for translation.

3. Highly dedicated and delightful customer support

Support to around 900 or more Google fonts: Tusant proudly supports over 900 Google fonts; these can be easily customized according to your desire.

With Tusant, you can now display your favorite podcast episodes in multiple layouts by selecting one from a ton of available layout settings:

  1. Podcast shows a carousel
  2. Masonry podcast shows the grid
  3. Filters through podcasts and showcase of categories
  4. Featured slider for podcast episodes and shows
  5. 1 column and 2-6 column list display and grid display respectively for your podcast episode.
  6. Infinite scroll pagination, page numbers, and ability of loading more buttons


Its flexibility and user-friendliness make it one of the most popular themes with the best coding standards. Advancement in mobile headers for the adjustment of breakpoints, styles, and colors of menus and other useful features is a theme known for its performance and ability to make a website look fantastic. Real-time feedback is possible with a customizer. This also supports RTL languages.

Features provided by Astra are:

  1. Pre-built websites

Through a library of starter templates, Astra helps reduce the time wasted for designing a website design with pixel-perfect and ready-to-use website demos.

2. Page builders

You can create fill-width pages with the freedom to choose the design you prefer with the provided ability to turn off your web page’s sidebars and page titles.

3. Customization without coding

While working with Astra, you don’t need any knowledge about coding. Instead, you can change the design through a wide array of options presented to you in the WordPress customizer.

  1. Super and appreciably faster performance

Astra is undoubtedly the most lightweight theme made for speed with an offering of an unmatched performance that is available in the market today.

With Astra, you can easily customize everything. Not only will your website be faster and smarter, but with the visual theme customizer, you will also be able to make it look the way you dreamt of easier and faster.

2. Layout settings

With Astra, you can manage the website header, footer, container, sidebars, bogs, archives, posts, single pages, etc.

3. Archives and blogs

You can control the design of your blogs and archive pages with the presented neat options in the customizer. Hence, Astra helps in managing content, width, and Meta as well.

1. Typography and colors

Astra gives prior importance to your ability to set colors and fonts for brand integration.

2. Header options

Astra provides users with several built-in header layouts. The feature called Pro Addon is capable of extending such possibilities and adding more features too.


It consists of a drag and drop builder as an in-built feature and comes with many designs, templates, and layouts. Also, it is a pack of other extensively reliant features such as animations, maps, sliders, etc.

A few of the points you are sure to discover while choosing Ultra are:

1. Ultra skins for customizing pre-made websites

Ultra presents a plethora of design skins and pre-made demo sites, which help transform the design appearance of a website but can set up a sample and real-looking website within a few minutes!

Hence, with just a single click, you can now import the demo setup, which includes the theme settings, menus, content, widgets, etc., which comes out to be very similar to the theme demos. Hence, it undoubtedly can be referred to as a time saver for the creation of client websites. A few of such skins are:

  • Gadgets
  • Foundation
  • Ristorante
  • Fashion
  • eBook
  • Software
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion and music, and many more.

2. Bonus Builder Addons

With Ultra, you can get the same layouts as the pre-made websites with 12 free Builder addons, valued at $100 by a successful purchase of the Ultra theme to gain access. The 12 free builder addons are:

  • Countdown
  • Typewriter
  • Pricing Table
  • Maps Pro
  • Progress Bar
  • Slider Pro
  • Counter
  • WooCommerce
  • Audio
  • Timeline
  • Contact
  • Image Pro

Other such features are listed herewith:

  1. Pre-designed layouts
  2. Section scrolling
  3. Smart layout options
  4. Animating colors
  5. Mega Menu
  6. Image filters


A relatively modern WordPress theme for professionals, Hestia is generally used in corporate businesses, online firms, and agencies, portfolios, freelancers, eCommerce, small businesses such as restaurants, medical or sports shops, wedding planners, etc.

With efficient features, it is an easy theme setup through plugins. This considers additions of services, selection of homepages to websites, testimonies, etc. It includes support for page builders and WooCommerce.

Hestia is very easy to set up and is primarily built for a splendid performance. A few of the reasons to download Hestia are:

  1. Uncompromised speed
  2. Page builder compatibility
  3. Slick Material design
  4. WooComemrce design read
  5. Includes starter sites
  6. Presence of customizer

Hestia is a theme rich with features that are presented hereafter:

1. RTL and translation ready:

With the presence of free and premium plugins provided under the theme, you can easily translate a website while building it into any language you desire. Weglot plugin is fully supported and allows you to use any RTL language you want.

2. Friendly with Search engine optimization (SEO):

If you desire to have a strong online presence, SEO is a very crucial consideration in this day and age. Hestia presents an SEO-ready structure with an optimized and clean source code.

3. Live Customizer:

You can easily customize the looks of your website and witness the real-time changes with it. Also, with Hestia, you can adjust the details of the design, colors, order of sections, and a lot more.

4. Compatibility of Page Builders:

Hestia supports all the major page builders. You require no skills in development for setting the theme up. As a cherry on your cake, Gutenberg, which is a relatively new WordPress editor, works appreciably well along with this theme.

5. Mega Menus:

Hestia comes up with a user-friendly mega menu that makes the arrangement and organization of the submenu content very easy. It also presents you with full control over the structure and design of your menus.


With a page builder coming with several layouts and templates for different sites, it is a drag and drop WordPress theme wherein one can make and save his/her Divi templates and can, with no problems, amend colors, font styles, headings, and other features in the absence of CSS. It also aids in SEO for a good rank in google and various engines.

1. Everyone can use Divi:

  • Freelancers
  • Website owners
  • Agencies

2. Drag and drop building

You can add, move and delete elements around to the front end of your particular website. It does not need the presence of coding skills with no confusion relating to back end options.

3. True visual editing

With Divi, your webpage can be designed in real-time, providing instant results. With intuitive visual controls, pages can now be customized and created.

4. Custom CSS Control

The Divi visual design controls can be combined with custom CSS without any issues. Divi, therefore, does not have any limitations in terms of its interface.

5. Design options galore

Divi provides people with full control of design over your website. You can enjoy the benefits of special page elements along with thousands of design options.

Other features include:

  1. Inline editing of text
  2. Global styles and elements
  3. Feature to manage and save one’s designs
  4. Option to undo, revise, and redo


In addition to being responsive, it has an in-build builder along with numerous page layouts and templates. It is reasonable for a full-house of characters to expect that WordPress themes would be of premium quality; it consists of widgets, backgrounds, SMI, colors, etc.

Some of the prominent features of this WordPress theme are:

  • Custom widgets: Flickr, social links, latest posts with thumbnails, Post-it note
  • Shortcode manager (buttons, alerts, and columns)
  • Translation ready
  • Fully responsive design
  • Choose between a light or dark color scheme, and use any background color or image.
  • Customizer with live preview helps you choose colors for links, comments, tags bubbles, etc.
  • Compatible with Gutenberg block editor
  • Multiple font options
  • Compatible with Contact Form 7
  • Custom archive page template


It is a modern and flexible theme and is renowned for its speed and weight. It gives a website a super-fast touch on mobile phones with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages). This also aids in customization concerning footers and headers, layouts, etc. and is compatible with editors and builders like Visual Composer.

With Neve, a WordPress theme known to be very suitable for long-standing businesses, you can get many more out of building up websites. Some of the features it possesses are:

1. Lightweight and Fast:

  • 100 Speed grade
  • Reduced weight to 28KB
  • Less than a second of loading time

2. Full Support with Quality code.

3. Sleek Designs and Easy Setup:

  • Customized headers and footers
  • Fully customizable and as fast as lightning
  • Ability to control the options for the layout of the website

4. Reliable updates

5. Easy to use and flexible

6. New features on the line


This WordPress theme is suitable for magazines and news websites. A well-designed layout makes it easy to make news and images. Additionally, there is a navigation bar and a sidebar menu. It has widget areas, news ticker, featured content area, widget area, and can be customized with widgets and colours.

The theme includes various features, some of which are explained hereafter:

  1. Automatic updates
  2. Prime news theme
  3. Ready for WordPress 5.0
  4. A year of updates and support
  5. 1-click demo content importer
  6. Themes option panel
  7. Ready for responsive retina
  8. 5 colour schemes with unlimited customization
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Green
  • Red
  • Black
  1. Multiple slider styles
  2. Unique widgets
  • Featured category
  • Social icons widget
  • Carousel slider
  • Instagram widget
  • Most popular (Tabs)

9. Customized presence of colors, logos, backgrounds, fonts, menus, widgets, etc.


Want to start a blog related to food? Elara is the best option for you. With beautifully designed themes, it is a blast of perks for food bloggers and websites offering recipes. With designs and portrayals of different images and media, it is characterized by recipe sections, banners, ad spots, sliders, SMI, etc.

Elara boasts of its beautiful typography, which stylishly complements the perfect featured images. Elara is very easy to set up with its customization options and intuitive settings, which provide effective and full control over a blog. Apart from this, Elara also provides various ways to display one’s content and permit them to showcase their creativity while flaunting their posts and recipes. These include:

  • Header and footer widgets
  • Multiple sidebar positions
  • Image logo or text options
  • Social media menus
  • Background colors and images
  • Posts slider or front page banner
  • Full-width front page, categories, and posts
  • FrontPage featured categories
  • Option for Video Post


WordPress responsive themes help a website with the creation and its growth. With a wide range of options available in the market, what is your personal favorite?

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