How to Enable Screen Share on a Discord Server?

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By Gulshan Negi

Discord is a messaging platform with voice (VoIP) and text features designed for connecting communities. In this article, you will learn how to install Discord, set up voice and messaging, and use its screen share features.

What is Discord?

Discord is an audiovisual messaging platform most sought after by gamers, coders, and, of course, geeky influencers. Discord also offers the screen sharing option.

So if you want to share any particular screen with your team and with coworkers, want to play together with your favorite group of gamers, and also interact with your kind of people, you can do so easily by using the Discord application.

The screen share feature allows you to share audio and video files on Discord. In this article, you will learn how to install Discord, add the contacts, and also how to screen share on Discord with audio. In the following sections, you will know more about:

  • Installing a Discord Server
  • Set Up Microphone
  • Add Your Contacts
  • Screen sharing on Discord

Installing a Discord Server

The Discord server needs to be installed first. For Discord, there is a whole set of channels called servers. Also referred to as guilds, these are used by the Discord users to develop servers, maintain public views, and also make their channels and channel types.

Discord helps you to connect with your friends and fellow gamers and carry on with your video calls. Once the server is created, you can use the audiovisual settings to perfect the audio/video settings to communicate with others.

Set up Microphone, Video, and Screen

  1. A) Select the user settings from the profile.
  2. B) On the Voice and Video area, you can modify the voice settings based on your preference. Select a default microphone device and fix the sound’s optimal clarity. By default, you can choose the preferences to fine-tune the quality once you hear your voice.
  3. C) In the Video settings menu, you can incorporate your laptop or desktop webcam with Discord. To do this, you can choose the default video as the camera computer and record a test video using it, and fine-tune its visual quality.
  4. D) You can activate advanced audio codec settings by Opus. Using this, you can cut down on the noise and echo and go for noise reduction. Once this is activated, you can host your live session or schedule your video conferencing.

Add Your Contacts

To initiate a session in Discord, you need to add your friends choosing from the other Discord members who have user accounts in Discord. You can add any number of users on your Discord based on your mutual preferences and common likes and dislikes.

The public profiles have a tag with a set of 4 digit numbers that come with each account and make them unique. So from several Discord users, you can select your list of friends. If there are any pending friend requests, the receiver needs to approve them, and you will be accepted as a friend only when the receiver validates it.

Screen Sharing on Discord

You can go to the Discord homepage and select your group of friends and gamer teams and initiate a voice or video call with them. There is also the option to add more friends to the call. This can be done once they are added to the Direct Message history, and you can club them all together and start a voice or video call.

The recipient whom you are trying to reach out to needs to first approve and accept your call. You can also start with a voice call and convert it into a video call. Also, there can be times when you do not want to share the visuals, and you can turn off the camera during a video call as well.

Similarly, you can choose to turn off the microphone to take a break from the calls. Once the call is connected, you can see the following screen:

You can check the invite and choose whether you would like to accept or discard this call and accordingly go ahead with this. Once the other users have logged in to Discord, they can see that there is a call invite and can accordingly go ahead.

If all the users have video conferencing settings available, then you can have a video call. They can see the prompt from where the call is coming. There will be 3 modes via which you can share the screen. You can share:

  1. The entire desktop or
  2. Just a single application window or
  3. A particular document if you want.

If you like to, then you can also share the Microsoft Edge tab. Depending on the selection you make on the above screen and click on the share that will be shared on the screen. There are many professional meeting applications and tools like Zoom or GoToMeeting.

The sharing of the screen takes just seconds. Also, since there is hardly any delay, users can share their inputs via this with the team. It gives instant clarity, and the connectivity is also quite impressive. If you are not interested in sharing the screen at any point and time, you can opt for the Stop sharing option, and that will close the video-sharing or collaboration.

On the screen sharing interface, there is the Stop Sharing button to use when you would like to end a particular call, and you can also switch between voice and video mode during the calls. You can also mute your voice during the call.

Once you start sharing the screen with your group, they can see the application you are working on. This makes the feature a great addition for both troubleshooting scenarios and streaming a game on the platform.


Discord as a platform works on all the platforms, and you can connect to several people all across the world. Via Discord, you can connect with your professional peers, gaming friends, and influencers who use this platform.

Like Discord, there are a host of other applications that enable video conferencing and screen sharing easily. In this pandemic scenario, these are the messaging platforms that are always in demand and trying to cater to the growing needs of a virtual industry.

In today’s virtual world, screen sharing is important for sharing information with several other people who can be your friends or coworkers. So let’s say there is a new snippet tool, and you would like to talk about its role and its features with your team, so you can start by sharing a screen.

It is an effective way of connecting and almost close to the hand on a process where you get to see all the information simultaneously.

Though Discord has social hangouts, it is believed that users can add or disconnect anytime. It is for features like these Discord has become a very popular application. People use this for gaming discussions to video conferences to virtual organizational meetings.

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