Best CCCAM Server

Best CCCAM Server

CCam server, also known as card sharing server, allows multiple digital television users to share digital packages via the internet.

It is a server that exchanges data and shares the digital packets of a television network using shared cards that are connected to the internet.

The CCam server’s major role is to connect the network and transmit the channel codes that are encrypted to the connected computers. Once the code is transferred to certain networks, it would become possible for an individual to access the television even if the person has not subscribed to the package.

The method of transmitting data and transfer of encrypted codes with the help of a CCam server is still one of the most used processes of obtaining and using digital television services. The legitimate channels of digital television are to use a paid, valid, and legal subscription card from particular television companies, for instance, Sky, Bein, and few others which are extremely relevant and legal to use.

Working Of a CCam Server

When a person shuffles through channels on their television they come across some particular channels that have been locked or unable to access. This happens because of not having a paid and valid television subscription card and satellite providers from the television companies that are available in one’s locality/area to enjoy the channels.

There are certain ways available on the internet where one can get access to channels on the television without having to unblock the channels, have a paid satellite provider, or a valid television subscription card.

One such way is to have a CCam server which makes it easy to access a wide variety of channels.

Steps for Using CCam Server

Step 1: Install Satellite

A satellite receiver is an absolute necessity with CCam server functions such as Linux satellite products. The receiver gets connected to the data that is available and transfers the data just as similar as the computer.

Step 2: Connect satellite receiver to the internet and a computer

To use the unpaid CCam server, after the installation and activation of the satellite receiver with the internet one needs to connect it with the computer as well. When it gets connected to the internet and computer, you need to put the satellite card inside the computer and install the computer software of a CCam server. After the installation is done, one needs to configure the software and it is ready to run smoothly to unblock certain channels.

Step 3: Connect a satellite dish to the receiver

There is an option of using the paid version of a CCam server and for that one needs to have a satellite dish that gets directly connected to the particular television satellite from where you want to access the data to unblock particular channels.

Step 4: Codes are installed by the service provider

A code of three-line gets installed by the service provider to the CCam server with the help of a receiver that is connected to the internet. It is a must that the receiver of the server is connected to the internet which makes the function of the server run smoothly.

Step 5: Activation of CCAM server

When everything is connected with the internet, the codes are received, and the server is installed then one will receive a message of installation, duration of service, and activation of the CCam server to access the blocked channels on the television without the hassle of paying for expensive television service providers’ subscription packs and cards.

The Cost Of Installing a CCam Server

The price to install and run a CCam server varies according to the channels that users want to access. The expense related to the activation of a CCam server also depends on the quality of the services, the channels, and the duration, which can be 3 months, 6 months, 12 months, 14 months, or more.

The expense of a CCam varies accordingly. The minimum cost is $1.50 and can go above $240.

Advantages of Using CCam Server

There are many advantages of using a card-sharing server or CCam server. Here is the list of all the major pros of a CCam server:

  • The facility of providing the blocked channels at reasonable and affordable pricing is one of the most important advantages of having a CCam server.
  • It gets easily connected to all the devices or television sets to activate all the encrypted channels.
  • CCam server provides quality television services besides unlocking the channels. It also offers HD quality video.

Best CCam Servers

Here is the list of the best CCam servers that one can get at affordable prices:

1. Pak.sat PK CCam server

Pak.sat PK CCam server is rated 4 out of 5 by its customers for the quality of its services. Benefits of using this CCam server are-

  • Availability of channels that were locked before
  • Fast service with no lagging issues,
  • Secure service of keeping the personal information and subscription safe
  • Support system of a live chat,
  • Regular update of the subscription card
  • Affordable pricing for its users.

2. CCamx

CCamx is a CCam server provider that allows you to access multiple channels in one go via the connection to the various satellite networks. The channels provided are available in HD only. To use the server, one needs to have a 2 Mbps internet bandwidth and it doesn’t require high-speed internet to work properly. CCamx has a wide range of deals to select from with a good duration of accessibility to the locked channels.

3. Umbrellasharing

Umbrellasharing is another provider of CCam server, which offers you the advantage of accessing more than 5000 channels. The categories of channels include music, documentary, movies, news, sports, cartoons, and many more and Umbrellasharing offers its services at a cost-effective price. Customer support via live chat and technical help is made available 24*7 for users across the world. With large bandwidth and smooth functioning of the server, it promises to deliver a great user experience.

4. Royal CCam

Royal CCam is one of the largest CCam server providers with more than 12,000 customers across the world. The server provider uses the local card with amazing global packages to make available a wide variety of locked channels without any hassle. It offers channels in various categories like sports, music, movies, cartoons, documentaries, and news.

Royal CCam provider has been able to satisfy its customers with its high-quality and reliable services. Also, it offers 24*7 technical support to its customers.

5. CCam Prime

CCam Prime offers a CCam server at a reasonable price with a global package deal for customers who are located anywhere in the world. The server is extremely secure and 24*7 customer support is provided to ensure customers get the required help for troubleshooting technical issues or problems. The facilities that CCam Prime offers to its users include good connectivity, fast performance, little to no lags, and a secure system for storing all the important information. Also, it employs secure payment channels and ensures quick activation of the CCam server.

6. CCamia

CCamia is another software that provides a CCam server that is lag-free, offers HD channels, and is available at reasonable prices. To use the service of a CCamia, one needs to have a satellite dish, a broadband connection, and a Dreambox to access the channels. The pricing offered by CCamia includes 9 Euros for 2 months, 19 Euros for 6 months, 34 Euros for 6 months, and 49 Euros for 12 months or lifetime if one gets the premium service.

Advantages of CCam server

In a time where the world is almost taken over by the internet, there is a limited number of people who still sit and watch in front of the television to entertain themselves by watching particular shows, movies, sports, and others. When sometimes while navigating, a few of the channels aren’t accessible and the person wants to watch it because it is broadcasting their favorite movie but they just can’t then here comes the CCam server in the picture to make it possible to access and watch them all at a very cost-effective price, good internet connection, shared card facilities, thousand of channels, and quality services of the screening in HD or 4K.

The advantages of a CCam server is extremely beneficial to all its user and to avail the services of accessing all the blocked channels on their television set one needs to have the essential equipment before using the CCam server which is as follow, a satellite dish, broadband connection services, and Dreambox or Sky.

Final Thoughts

It is better not to spend bucks on the expensive television company connections that don’t get channels that you are looking for or willing to watch on a weekend as an entertainment getaway. A CCam server fulfills the demand and requirement of a person by unblocking those channels that he’d love to watch in his leisure time. It is a guaranteed fact that one won’t get disappointed after installing and activating a CCam server. So, without waiting for another long time, get yourself the software of a CCam server installed & activated, and enjoy all the blocked channels on your television set pleasantly every day.


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