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By Vijay Singh Khatri

Today, people rely on online sources, blogs, and articles for getting information on almost any subject. However, what if the content is full of errors and has low readability?

To improve the content quality, many publishers and bloggers prefer to use grammar checker tools. If you are also into content writing, you can make use of a grammar checker tool to style your content properly and ensure it is free from grammatical and spelling errors. It will help in maintaining the reader’s trust in your articles.

Many grammar checkers are available online that will help you improve your content’s quality. Before choosing any grammar checker, you should get familiar with its benefits and features. These checkers may be available for free or you need to buy one of their subscription plans, depending on your needs.

In this article, we will discuss various grammar checkers along with their features and pricing plans.

Top 7 Grammar Checker Tools

1. ProWritingAid

This online grammar checker is well suited for styling your content. Writers and content creators use it to improve the quality of their content. This software will allow you to check grammar and spelling mistakes, fix punctuation errors, and optimize the words as per the usage. Apart from this, you will also get a detailed report that will help you to improve your writing skills.

This tool can integrate with various software like Google Docs, Gmail, and WordPress for checking grammar mistakes. Apart from this, it will also show suggestions for replacing the words. You can even check plagiarism for your content, and you can edit it accordingly to make your content unique. ProWritingAid also supports integration with almost all popular web browsers. You can run its desktop application on Windows and macOS.

Pricing Plans

  • Free plan – You can check grammar for up to 500 words content and use the browser extension for checking grammar and spelling online.
  • Premium plan – There is no word limit for the document to check. Also, you can integrate it with Google Docs, Word, etc. You have to pay $20.00 per month, $79.00 per year, and $399.00 lifetime for this plan.
  • Premium Plus plan– The plan offers all the features that are available in the premium plan plus it provides you 60 plagiarism checks per year. You have to pay $24.00 per month, $89.00 per year, and $499.00 lifetime for this plan.

2. Grammarly

Grammarly is the most popular and widely used grammar and spelling checker tool available online. It has more than 20 million users around the world. This tool is well-suited for lengthy articles and helps to improve content quality.

It will help you with checking spelling mistakes, providing word suggestions, and identifying punctuation and grammar errors. All suggestions are being given in real-time, and you can apply them instantly. You need to sign up and create an account before using it and start leveraging its all features. It has an impressive user interface and makes use of AI technology to make your content better. It works on a robust algorithm to scan all your writing errors.

If you use its paid version, you can check your content for plagiarism and advanced grammar, and other writing errors.

Pricing Plans

  • Free plan – You do not have to pay for this plan, but it will give you access to only a limited number of features. It only includes the basic grammar and spelling check.
  • Premium plan – This plan comes with more advanced features, offering writing practice recommendations and styling options. You will get vocabulary enhancement suggestions and plagiarism detection that covers more than 16 billion web pages. You have to pay $11.66 per month (considering yearly payment) and $19.98 per month (considering quarterly payment).
  • Business plan – It is available for $25 per month (min. three members) or $12.50 per month (min. three members, billed annually). It is suitable for large organizations.

3. Linguix

This is another tool for checking the content for grammar mistakes, punctuations and providing suggestions for inappropriate words. You can check the grammar of your content and it offers more than 2700 advanced corrections. Linux provides you with a detailed explanation for the errors and gives recommendations to improve your content quality.

This grammar checker tool also comes with a feature that allows you to edit sensitive content known as the secret mode that allows you to make changes, and all of that data is gone as soon as the document is. You can use its browser extension that helps in editing the browser-based writing mistake.

This provides code snippets and templates that help in fast writing. This can be done using the draft texts that are used for automating repetitive writing tasks.

It has built-in vocabulary suggestions and allows you to distinguish writing patterns with different colors. You can use it’s advanced ‘Look Up features that will help you while reading to look up the definition of the text.

Pricing Plans

  • Free plan – You can use the free plan for only two weeks without paying. You will be able to access all features.
  • The premium plan – This plan gives you access to advanced features and writing insights are available in the browser extension, emails, and progress bar. You will also get unlimited snippets and vocabulary enhancement options. The plan will cost you $18.95 per month.
  • Business plan – This plan comes with the company dashboard with features like handling the team and checking statistics. It also offers corporate snippets for efficient communication within the team. It will cost you $20 per month (for minimum three users) and $10 per user per month if you pay annually( for minimum three users).

4. WhiteSmoke

It is a web-based writing solution for writers to improve their writing skills. This software comes with a grammar checker feature along with a proofreading feature. It will help you check spelling and punctuation errors and even style the content.

WhiteSmoke comes with a translator along with a dictionary that supports more than 50 languages, and also offers 100 built-in templates, video tutorials, and a plagiarism checker. It features unique algorithms and AI that will help in analyzing the content.

Pricing Plans

  • Web plan – You can use this plan for all web browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, etc.) along with a feature of grammar checker, translator, and plagiarism checker. It will cost you $5.00 per month (paid yearly) and $3.47 per month (paid three-yearly).
  • Premium plan – This plan comes with support for all browsers, desktop clients, Gmail, and Word. It allows you to check grammar and plagiarism. You will get a one-click proofreading feature, and a translator tool. It also allows you to integrate with Windows and Mac systems along with one computer license.
  • Business plan – This plan is the same as the premium plan, plus features a fully integrated writing solution for Windows and Mac. It is compatible with all browsers and includes a three-computer license. You can get this plan at $11.50 per month (paid yearly) and $8.82 per month (paid three-yearly).

5. Ginger Online

Ginger Online allows you to check grammar and spelling errors, ensuring faster-writing speed. Compared to many other grammar checker tools, it also offers additional features like text reader, sentence rephrases, dictionary, and translator for more than 50 languages. It offers you a personal trainer feature that can help you improve your writing skills.

This tool has several benefits, but one limitation is that it does not offer you a plagiarism checker feature.

You can easily add its extension to web browsers like Chrome or Safari. It can be used with programs like Outlook, Word, and PowerPoint. You can leverage its desktop application for both Windows and Mac systems. You will get 14 checks per month on its free plan, along with browser add-ons, and translations for 40 languages.

Pricing Plans

  • Free plan – This plan comes with limited grammar checks and can be availed free of cost.
  • Premium plan – You can avail all advanced features with this plan, including translations for more than 50 languages and text reader, and other facilities.

6. LanguageTool

This is an open-source tool that is designed by a group of language enthusiasts and developers. It comes with an impressive, efficient, and simple interface that is easy to learn and understand. This grammar checker results are efficient. You can download this grammar checker tool for offline use also.

It comes with a language selector, allowing you to check grammar errors in a different language, including Asturian, Dutch, French, Japanese, and many more. You can access this tool via desktop or mobile, and it is also compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Word, Google Docs, and many more.

Pricing Plans

  • Free plan – This plan comes with patterns for finding errors in various languages, English, French, and German. The checks are limited to 20k characters per check.
  • Premium plan – This plan has a limitation of 40k characters per check. It allows the detection of more than 20k errors for English grammar and other languages.

7. Online Correction

This is one of the most accurate grammar checkers, that is available as 100 percent free grammar checker software. This tool is completely free of cost and available for all major operating systems. You can also check your content on its website to look for grammar and spelling errors. It suggests vocabulary changes and sentence creation for improving your content quality.

This tool is very useful and common among students, as you do not have to pay for its usage. It was designed using programs like DICTION, Hunspell, and Language tool. This tool also ensures complete privacy and safety by deleting all the uploaded documents within 30 minutes.

Pricing Plans

This tool is available for free.


Today, every website’s popularity is based not only on its presentation but also on the content quality. If the content is not good enough to keep the users engaged, then your website’s popularity will be impacted. So you must work on your content quality and its grammar and writing style.

For this purpose, various grammar checkers are available that can be integrated easily with various programs on your system and browsers to enhance the content quality. We have mentioned various checkers and their plans, you can choose any of them as per your business requirement.

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