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By Vijay Singh Khatri

Music plays an important role in our lives and is our source of entertainment. However, the music taste differs from person to person. Some might like hip hop, while others might enjoy listening to romantic songs.

If your budget is a constraint from purchasing the music album of your choice from music stores, you can use torrent websites to get the music without spending a single penny. Torrents act as a connection between two or more users to exchange data. Torrenting is also known as peer-to-peer, or P2P data exchanging. Torrents allow you to get data of your choice directly from a person, who is located anywhere across the globe.

Torrents are used not only to download movies, games, ebooks, and videos, but you can also download music and songs. If you are one of those million people who like to download songs from music torrent websites, then you have landed at the right place.

Here in this post, we have mentioned a list of music torrent websites from where you can download free songs.

Your Favorite Music Website is Not Working?

In countries like Saudi Arabia, Morocco, UK, Denmark, India, and Portugal, these music torrent websites are blocked. However, you can use VPN services to access these Torrent websites in these regions.

Pros and Cons of Using Music Torrent Sites


  • They are completely free to use.
  • One can access all types of songs from retro to the latest.
  • Music torrent sites allow you to download music in any format, including music videos.


  • You need to install a torrent client.
  • Using torrent websites is prohibited in some countries.
  • While using torrent websites, the downloaded files are automatically available to the other users.
  • Torrent websites come with many malicious and spammy advertisements.

Are Music Torrent Sites Safe?

Given that many music torrent websites do not look trustworthy, one of the most frequent questions that might come to your mind is safety. There are three sides to this.

Firstly, most torrent websites come with annoying ads, pop-ups, and trackers that monitor and monetize your online activity. While they are not very harmful, they can cause some privacy issues.

Secondly, many music torrent websites like TorrentDownloads, do not actively screen their files, and some might contain malware that can damage your system.

Thirdly, the ISP and copyright holders might be looking at the connections and can sometimes track your connections and enforce legal actions if you are found violating copyright laws.

However, one of the best ways to protect yourself against malicious files or viruses while using torrent sites is to make use of high-quality torrent trackers that offer excellent privacy. Your best bet is a VPN.

Ten Best Music Torrent Websites in 2021

1. The Pirate Bay

The Pirate Bay is one of the most popular music torrent websites on the list. It is the most reliable BitTorrent website that allows users to download all types of music.

One best thing about Pirate Bay is, apart from music, you can also download other entertainment content like movies, TV shows, games, software, and more.

Additionally, you can also download some high-quality FLAC format music. However, The Pirate Bay is banned in 20 countries, including Australia, Belgium, China, Germany, Spain, France, Russia, the US, UK, and the Netherlands.

Overall, this torrent website is straightforward to navigate and comes with a user-friendly interface that helps download music faster without much hassle.

2. 1337X

1337X is another most popular music torrent site on the list. One of the best features of this site is that it has a dedicated section for downloading music torrents. It comes with a clean and simple user interface making it easy for exploring and searching for some good music.

Moreover, the music section on the website shows the most popular and trending music torrents, and the list gets updated every day.

Did you know that 1337X shows the uploader’s time, size, and name for every music torrent? You can download other torrent media like movies, anime, games, and more using the magnet link.

1337X is banned in Australia, Austria, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

3. Torlock

The third best music torrent site on the list is Torlock. Unlike other music torrent websites, Torlock only lists verified torrents.

The best thing about this torrent website is that you will not find any spammy or fake torrent content. Similar to 1337X, Torlock has a dedicated section for music which makes searching and exploring music simple and easy.

Torlock shows the size and the number of files for every music torrent. The only disadvantage is that it shows a lot of ads that can be very annoying.

Apart from music, you can also download movies, anime, TV shows, games, and software. Another best part is that it is available all over the world.

4. Katcr.Co is the latest version of Kickass torrents. This new torrenting website is designed by a group of KickassTorrent staff members and comes with a better and more secure database.

Kickass Torrents also has a dedicated section for music torrents. The clean and straightforward UI resembles the old Kickass torrent. It is also making searching and downloading music torrents easier. The only drawback is that the website is in maintenance mode most of the time.

5. Torrentz2

Torrentz2, formerly known as Torrentz, is another most reliable music torrent website. It is the oldest torrent website.

Torrentz2 also comes with a dedicated section for music torrents similar to the above-mentioned music torrent websites. Torrentz2 also shows the size and the upload time for every music torrent.

Torrentz2 also has a section that only shows verified torrents. Overall, Torrentz2 is very easy to use and is recommended for every music lover.

6. Torrent9

Another reliable torrent website for downloading music torrents is Torrent9. It also has a dedicated section for music torrents.

It is a well-developed and straightforward user interface of the website, making it easier to search for content. Furthermore, Torrent9 displays the most popular and recent music torrents on the music section of the homepage.

Torrent9 also allows users to explore music from different categories, including Hard Rock, Metal, Jazz, Hip-Hop, and more.

Torrent9 is banned in many countries like Saudi Arabia, Portugal, Denmark, India, Morocco, and the United Kingdom.


LimeTorrents is the next well-developed music torrent site. Similar to Torlock, LimeTorrents also offers verified one-click torrents downloads.

LimeTorrents has a dedicated section for music, and it shows the size and the upload time for every torrent.

Apart from music, you can also download torrent movies, games, software, ebooks, and more. This music torrent website is banned in France, United Kingdom, and Australia.

8. TorrentDownloads

TorrentDownloads is one of the other best music torrent websites. Music content on TorrentDownloads is narrowed down into categories like electronic, folk, hip-hop, rap, pop, rock, and more. TorrentDownloads lists only verified torrents.

Overall, TorrentDownloads is the perfect music torrent website that has a huge database of music torrents.


ETTV is another feature-enriched website for downloading music torrents. The website allows you to download either high-quality FLAC music files or regular MP3 music files.

Like other music torrent websites, ETTV also displays the size and upload data of every music torrent.

ETTV offers information about music tracks and albums, including category, language, release date, and more.

10. 101Torrent

The name says it all, 101Torrent is an all-in-one torrent site with a dedicated section for music.

Like TorrentDownloads, 101Torrent also narrows down the music into different sections. This torrent site displays every single song in a particular album.

It is available everywhere across the globe. Overall the whole website offers high-quality music torrents.

Is Torrenting Music Illegal?

Using torrent clients and downloading torrents is not illegal until you are downloading any copyright-protected content. Downloading any copyrighted content without the permission of the owner is entirely unlawful.


Here in this post, we have listed the ten best music torrents that are worth using. If you are using one of the sites given above, you will find your favorite songs and albums using these websites.

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