10 Best URL Shortener to Shrink in 2022

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By Sameeksha Medewar

The URL says more than we could have imagined. The URL does more than we could have imagined. But it can do nothing for you if you are making it too long! Posting a long URL on any social media or anywhere else is frustrating.

It is not that it creates a poor appearance of your site or post but, apparently, makes you enjoy less traffic as well as sales. It is also true that crafting short URLs manually is not always possible. Due to many reasons, such as long as titles or keywords, a URL can be long and frustrating. Such URLs are, therefore, complicated and hard to track.

What is the Solution?

Is there any way to get rid of such an anomaly and make the URL super functional? Yes, there is an effective solution that you can apply. Using a URL shortener is the best option to have a short and sweet URL that can create a good appeal and attract more traffic at the same time.

There are lots of URL shorteners available in the market but which one will be the best option for you! In order to know that you have to do research. When we are around, why will you take the pain of research! We can do the same for you and share our first-hand experience with you.

So, we did the research and came up with the best URL shorteners, and then prepared this list of 10 best URL shorteners to use in 2022. We tried, almost, and every, popular URL shortener and after that, we selected the best URL shorteners for you. Keep reading to know it.

Importance of URL shorteners

But before checking the list, you should know what makes a great URL shortener. The main purpose of a URL shortener is to make longer links manageable and easy to share. You may have noticed that there are many places where you need to share the actual links without any disguise.

Hyperlinks cannot be ideal always. I mean, you cannot print a long URL on a business card. But a short URL will enhance/retain the elegance of your business card as well as your business.

It is not that a URL shortener only helps in making a URL short just to print it on a business card. It also helps in creating various useful variations of a single link so that you can easily track the source traffic.

For example, you can create 3 variations of a single URL to use on different Facebook, Twitter, and Gmail.

How to Choose the Best URL Shortener?

There are many popular URL shortener services available that offer comprehensive tracking tools. With the help of these tools, you will be able to see who has clicked your link, where your users are located, and even which medium they are using to reach your link.

Experts are able to use this information in order to discern click-through rates, know the browser type your users prefer, and even the devices from where your content is getting viewed.

Some URL shortener services also let us have our own custom domain name to develop our own branded service. These URL shorteners can be both free and paid.

There are a lot of URL shorteners that offer free trials so that users get a good opportunity to decide whether they get comfortable using the service and want to continue with it or not.

We also suggest using such shorteners. In this way, you will be able to better understand your needs and pick the best URL shortener.

For more features or longer usage, you have to make an additional payment. Going for reliable, fast, and easy to use services is always a wise choice.

Now you know to pick the best one from the crowd. We cannot see our users are having a tough time picking the best shortener from the crowd and that’s why prepared a list of the best shorteners for you.

To make your URL shortener searching journey easy, we have prepared a long list of the best URL shorteners. Let’s take a look-

Best URL Shorteners

Before getting into the detail of the 10 best URL shorteners for 2022, let’s take a quick look at the list:

  • Bitly
  • Rebrandly
  • Polr
  • TinyURL
  • BL.INK
  • Hyperlink
  • T2M
  • Tiny.cc
  • Yourls
  • Shorby

1. Bitly

Bitly is known as a full-service and business-grade URL shortener. It offers you the opportunity to use it anonymously and satisfy your requirements. It is simple and truly easy to use. According to its users, the business-grade styling is really impressive.

Here, a user gets a dashboard with lots of options to track more than 20 real-time data points at the same time. Data points stand for various factors that you need to check or analyze on a regular basis in order to plan the growth strategy.

With the help of its free and limited account, you will be able to customize the back-half of your shortened URLs, track click-through rates, and get more information.

Get Bitly


  • Free.
  • Paid plan(s) starts from $35/month.

2. Rebrandly

Rebrandly is a unique URL shortener. It helps many brands with customizing and shortening the link. Just like the previous options, it also comes in both free and paid plans.

The free plan offers 5 custom domains. Here, you will also get supportive tools in order to check the popularity of each link. It also helps in automatic QR code generation.

Get Rebrandly


  • Free.
  • Paid plan(s) starts from $29/month.

3. Polr

Polr is an open-source URL shortener. If we address it as a project, it will be fairer! You will get this URL shortener via the Polr project page and Github. You can use it with or without customization.

This tool will let you leverage your programming skills and build a custom solution that best satisfies your business requirements.

Get Polr


  • Free.

4. TinyURL

This is one of the old horses in the industry. TinyURL has been in practice since 2002. According to experts, TinyURL can be really helpful when we are in a hurry and need to craft a link that will never expire.

It comes with the most effective as well as shorter URL suggestions. You can easily choose the best one. Here, you will also get the chance to customize the URL. Along with all these benefits, you will also get a bookmarklet.

Get TinyURL


  • Free.


Experts say that BL.INK is a full-featured URL shortener. It is a versatile tool that businesses can use in many ways. You can use it to short your URLs without any issues.

Along with this, this tool will also help you in tracking the traffic that is coming to your links from various corners of the web. In the dashboard of this tool, you will get helpful statistics to plan the best strategy for your business.



  • Free.
  • Many expert plans are available. The lowest expert plan cost is $12/month.

6. Hyperlink

Hyperlink is not only a simple URL shortener but also a unique tool that comes with a mobile twist. You will be able to use this tool via Android, iOS, and the web. Here, you will be able to enjoy added customization ease and track the growth of your link.


  • Free
  • Paid plan starts from $10/month.

7. T2M

T2M is a full-service URL shortener. It comes with dashboards that are loaded with various types of activities. With this tool, along with URL shortening, you will also enjoy traffic tracking.

By using one dashboard, you will be able to get the location information of your users. And the second dashboard will help you in getting information on the device and platform of your users. You will get easy-to-digest information and that will definitely help your business.

Get T2M


  • The most basic level plan is available at a one-time $5 fee.

8. Tiny.cc

According to experts, it is a basic-level URL shortener but truly effective. It can actively contribute to your business branding. With the help of this tool, you will be able to create custom URL endings.

This tool will let you enjoy its services even without having an account. You will be able to access all its features without creating a user id. Editing URLs was never this easy!

Get Tiny.cc


  • Paid plan starts from $5/month.

9. Yourls

Yourls stand for Your own URL shortener. This is an amazing application that can run easily on your server. It is also a free and open-source tool.

Along with URL shortening benefits, you will also get privacy customization options. Shortening the URL with this tool seems truly easy as just a click is enough.

Get Yourls


  • Free.

10. Shorby

It is a bit different from other URL shorteners available in the market. It follows the one link in the bio style that we see on Instagram.

With the help of this tool, you do not need to put additional effort to shorten a link. You can add the latest link or Instagram bio to Shorby and everything will be managed automatically.

Get Shorby


  • The basic plan starts from $9/month.


These are the top 10 best URL shorteners that you can use for shortening your URLs. A short and attractive URL says more about your business or the post. The words in the URL also excite a user to hit the link and explore what the link is offering to the users.

You can try these best options without any hesitation. You can leave your experience with this blog or share your URL shortening experience in the comments section down below. We would love to hear you!

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