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By Vijay Singh Khatri

YouTube is the most popular video streaming and sharing platform that allows you to watch, like, comment, share and add new videos to your channel. You can access the videos from your desktop, tablet, smartphone, and laptop. However, this platform needs access to your Google account to comment, like/report videos, subscribe to YouTube channels, and access other features. Moreover, YouTube disables your account if you violate the YoutTube guidelines.

If you think watching videos on YouTube will not give out your information, you are wrong. Google uses an unbelievable amount of data, which helps the bots analyze who you are and what your preferences are.

So it is time you take care of your privacy and look for YouTube alternatives that do not collect your data.

Why Should You Look for YouTube Alternatives?

Unfortunately, it is difficult to stop watching videos from video streaming websites without being traced. Many video streaming platforms collect data which helps them to improve their services. Moreover, these platforms also use cookies to collect data for marketing purposes.

Some online video viewing platforms share the user data with their partners, and most of the platforms also share this information in “special circumstances” to fight against fraud, or share it with legal enforcement agencies, when needed.

However, Google does the same, so why look for YouTube alternatives?

Here are some of the reasons for using YouTube Alternatives:

  • Since you are using YouTube, you are providing Google with more data which helps to create an accurate “user profile.” Although the YouTube alternatives might show ads, they will not have more information than what you provide.
  • The “Filter Bubble” understands you and your needs and gets you results that match your profile and Internet browsing behavior.
  • The YouTube alternatives help to broaden your horizons. Here you find videos that are not available on YouTube as well. For example, if you want to watch some fresh content on science, why not check them on TED. If you are looking for old movies and if they are not available on YouTube, you can check out the Internet archives.

15 Best YouTube Alternatives in 2022

1. Vimeo

Vimeo is a video streaming platform built by filmmakers, so it is undoubtedly a go-to platform for creative minds. Everyone who works in the media industry, including the video makers, photographers, musicians, ad agencies, use Vimeo. However, if you are looking for some funny talking tom cat videos, this platform is not for you.

It offers a very easy-to-use interface and surpasses YouTube in terms of 4K Ultra HD quality videos, which also can help content creators earn some extra cash. Moreover, Vimeo is an ad-free platform with a built-in online community that allows users to comment, subscribe to channels, and share videos to different social media platforms. You can also upload videos on this website.

2. DTube

DTube is a video platform that focuses mainly on privacy. It is a decentralized platform and the content is not uploaded and streamed from one main server like in YouTube. All the content in the platform is stored in blockchain. So it is difficult to hack this video streaming platform. Moreover, the community controls the platform.

DTube does not show any ads or recommendations. Many content creators can also earn a good amount of cryptocurrency revenue from this website.

Moreover, the interface is the same as YouTube, so frequent YouTube users will not find this platform challenging to use. If you want to upload videos without any risk, then DTube is the best.

3. Internet Archive

The Internet Archive video section offers a variety of documentaries, movies, and other entertaining and informational videos which you will not find anywhere on the Internet. You can also search and upload your videos as well. It offers some filters such as years, language, topic, and subjects making it easier to search for videos on the Internet.

4. Metacafe

Metacafe is the most basic video platform older than YouTube. It has hundreds and thousands of 90-second videos available in fairly low quality compared to the other platforms. However, there are no duplicate videos available on the platform.

It is another best alternative for YouTube to download short and funny videos, product reviews, and quick DIY and how-to videos.

Metacafe makes searching for videos easy by providing categories like entertainment, sports, video games, movies, news, TV, and more. Just like YouTube, Metacafe allows you to subscribe to channels, watch videos, and create playlists.

5. 9GAG TV

9GAG is a video streaming platform designed for social media users and everyone who is looking for short and funny videos. This platform is full of GIFs, memes, and other funny photos and videos that you can share with your friends easily on different platforms. The content on 9GAG is classified into different categories, which makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

6. Dailymotion

Dailymotion has over 112 million viewers per month and is the biggest YouTube competitor. Some users say it is closer to YouTube, while others say it is poor compared to YouTube. However, it offers a similar layout, excellent interface, search bar, and content category.

Users use Dailymotion because it offers high-quality videos. You can upload content of up to 4GB. The videos available on Dailymotion are available in 1080p resolution, which YouTube compresses. One major disadvantage of using Dailymotion is that you can upload videos that are 20 minutes long only.

7. Vevo

Vevo is another YouTube alternative that allows you to watch high-quality music videos produced and directed by Sony Music Entertainment and Universal Music Group. You can watch the latest videos that show up on the feed or explore other video clips uploaded by other artists.

8. Twitch

Twitch is a live video streaming platform where you can watch, stream, and upload your gaming videos easily. Twitch has TV series, talk shows, and much more. You can also switch to the dark mode making it easy for late-night viewing and gamer chatting sessions.

9. TED

TED is the most famous Non-Profit Organization that hosts conferences globally and is the best alternative if you want to watch knowledgeable and motivational videos. Many of these TEDTalks are recorded and uploaded on the official website.

Currently, it has over 3000 talks covering topics such as technology, business, design, and different global issues. TED is considered to be the best platform if you want to learn something new. So if you are the one who follows TEDTalks, then you can visit TED instead of browsing for videos on YouTube.

10. Crackle

Crackle launched by Sony Picture Entertainment is the most recommended platform if you are looking for a platform to watch original TV shows, old Hollywood movies, and more.

Crackle also has movies and videos from famous production houses like Columbia Pictures, Funimation Films, TriStar Pictures, and more.

11. Hulu

Hulu is a video streaming application that offers very old to latest television shows and movies. With Hulu, you can create up to six user profiles. The best part about Hulu is that it does not show any ads and offers a personalized TV experience. This application is compatible with TV, phone, laptop, and tablet.

12. Facebook

Facebook is the best and most popular social media platform to interact with your family and friends online. You can also watch videos on Facebook with the Watch feature. This Facebook feature allows you to save videos and share them in your feeds with your friends, and across different platforms. You can also upload HD clips without any hassle. You can watch songs, funny videos, movies, and more posted by different creators on Facebook. However, similar to YouTube, the videos you find are based on your likes and interests.

13. Netflix

Netflix has created a large user base quickly. It is the best video streaming platform that offers high-definition series and movies from different genres. The only disadvantage of Netflix is that you cannot watch music videos and games on this platform. Netflix is ad-free and offers series and movies in different languages. Although this platform is not free to use, it is very affordable.

14. Cheddar

Cheddar is another YouTube alternative where you can watch live news about media, entertainment, technology, and more. It also offers weekly updates on stock market prices and business advice from the founders and experts. You can access this live stream from tablets and phones.

15. BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed is an application that allows you to create and post videos easily. This YouTube alternative offers quizzes, TV channels, movies, and much more. They upload videos daily and have videos related to news, entertainment, lifestyle, and more. BuzzFeed also allows you to share videos on different platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and more.


YouTube is a very popular video streaming platform where you can watch and upload videos easily. The only problem with YouTube is that the Google algorithm understands your needs and offers videos based on your likes and interests. However, there are many alternatives available for YouTube that do not follow the user’s intent. To make your work easier here in this post, we have mentioned some of the best YouTube alternatives for you. So choose the one that offers video content of your interest, and enjoy watching them.

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