10 Best Linux Web Hosting Services Providers in 2022

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By Gulshan Negi

If you approach all the leading web hosting service providers, you will find one thing in common among them. Now, you may be wondering – what’s that?

The similarity is that they all provide Linux-based web hosting. Today, lots of website owners prefer to use Linux web hosting services.

You may have observed that people running a blogging website or a small-business website are not that much concerned about the operating system of the machine on which their website is hosted. They all are more concerned about the site speed, loading time, availability, dependability, etc.

However, when a website starts to get more traffic on a regular basis, the website owner needs to think about the operating system of their website’s server. According to experts, while choosing the web hosting service provider you should be a bit more careful. It is a simple fact that a normal or basic hosting package is not sufficient for a growing website.

If you are someone from a web development company and concerned about the performance of the website and web apps developed for your clients, reading this blog will benefit you.

In the world of web hosting services, Linux holds a leading place without any second thought. Linux is known as a leading web hosting operating system. The main reason behind the popularity of Linux is that it is open source. With Linux hosting, you can stay assured that your website is completely secure and performs amazingly.

Now it comes to choosing the best Linux Web Hosting Service provider for your website. How can you choose that or make a wise decision? Well, you do not need to stress yourself as we have already spent days finding the best Linux hosting service providers.

We compared many vendors to figure out which of them offers the best features to customers. Also, we have analyzed the services offered by the vendors in terms of various factors such as uptime, live chat support, bandwidth, pesky add-ons, and so many other things.

10 Best Linux Web Hosting Service Providers

Here’s the list of the top 10 Linux Web Hosting Service providers that we have created exclusively for you:

  1. Bluehost – Popular for everything
  2. HostGator – Popular for Uptime
  3. A2 Hosting – popular for cloud hosting
  4. InMotion – Popular for VPS hosting plans
  5. iPage – popular for cost-effectiveness
  6. SiteGround – popular for support and reliability
  7. Hostinger – popular for stripped-back features and cost-effectiveness
  8. DreamHost – popular for great storage
  9. FastComet – popular for speed and security
  10. BigRock – popular for speed, reliability, and security

Now, let’s dive deeper to see what each hosting service provider has to offer:

1. Bluehost

Bluehost is known as the best overall Linux hosting service provider. All its features are liked by many website owners around the globe. But experts say it should get the most bright spotlight when it comes to hosting a WordPress website. Its monthly hosting plans start at $3.95, which is quite cost-effective.


  • Just a single click is enough to install WordPress and after that, you will be able to install plugins or other software updates.
  • Bluehost provides a strong uptime guarantee.
  • It has been in the market since 2005 and even WordPress has recommended it.
  • You will get amazing 24/7 help and support via live chat, email, and phone.


  • You need to sign up for a year and there’s no escape!
  • Free SSL is available for only Pro plans

2. HostGator

HostGator is known as a quality web hosting service provider. It is simple to use and comes with amazing plans for consumers and small businesses. It offers unlimited bandwidth, a free SSL certificate, and so many other exciting things.


  • It offers a variety of Linux hosting types as well as plans.
  • It allows you to make your website up and running in no time!
  • It offers a free SSL certificate and free domain name when you subscribe for an annual plan.
  • You will get 24/7 support via phone and live chat.
  • You will also enjoy free site transfer and dedicated plans.


  • We feel it should bring more transparency in its pricing
  • It does not offer pocket-friendly plans

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is another gem when it comes to Linux hosting service providers. It is popular for its impressive cloud hosting plans and strong customer support. If you prefer to use WordPress, having it will satisfy you in all ways.


  • It is popular as a winning cloud hosting option. It offers unlimited storage and data transfer.
  • Pricing plans are cost-effective.
  • It offers a money-back guarantee and free site transfer benefit.


  • A2 Hosting offers a low uptime guarantee in comparison with other options present on this list.
  • You will not get any free domain name.

4. InMotion

InMotion gets the spotlight when it comes to choosing the best Linux web hosting service provider that offers amazing shared and VPS Linux hosting plans. Small or new websites are easy to manage with InMotion.


  • InMotion offers unlimited disk space and bandwidth. You will get these benefits even on the cheapest shared plans.
  • You will get satisfactory answers to all your complex queries.
  • It offers a free SSL certificate, backup, and free domain name.
  • Free site transfer and money-back guarantee


  • It is optimized for world-wide reach but at the same time, it does not have any Asian datacenter.
  • In order to enjoy dedicated server plans, you have to pay a lot.

5. iPage

iPage seems like a hero when it comes to enabling a truly beneficial web hosting service without spending a lot. It offers flexible as well as cheap plans to host your websites.


  • If you want to explore the cheapest web hosting service plans today, you can try iPage.
  • Even being a cheap service provider, iPage is able to offer 24/7 support to all its users via live chat and phone calls.
  • It also offers good quality shared hosting


  • Low uptime
  • It also comes with comparatively higher renewal rates.

6. SiteGround

SiteGround can be a great choice if you are in the search of reliable Linux hosting that also comes with good help as well as support. It has amazing features, excellent performance, and offers consistently fast speed. It can load your website load 4 times faster than other hosting servers.


  • It offers amazing security
  • Comes with lots of WordPress-oriented features
  • You will also enjoy free and automatic regular backups


  • Pricey for hosting small websites

7. Hostinger

With Hostinger, you will enjoy what you pay for. Without any doubt, the price and plans are quite affordable. We can say that we get more than what we pay. Hostinger is an amazing web hosting service for beginners. If you face any issue with your website, the support team of Histinger will help and guide you at the best level. It comes with a great feature combination and its introductory charges are the lowest in today’s market.


  • You will enjoy truly low promotional prices
  • Free website backup


  • You will not get any help or support via live chat or phone call.
  • Poor uptime

8. DreamHost

If you are concerned about storage, DreamHost can be an ideal choice for you. However, it may not be the best option available if you are particularly worried about the quality of the help and customer support.


  • It comes with the most cost-effective shared hosting plans
  • Offers plenty of hosting storage space


  • You will get no support and help via live chat or phone call
  • It does not use any cPanel

9. FastComet

FastComet can be a great choice when you are in search of Linux hosting with the latest cPanel and Softaculous. It is a perfect choice to host a single website.


  • Free and dedicated 24/7 help and support
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 15GB SSD storage


  • No free site transfer

10. BigRock

BigRock is a perfect solution when it comes to choosing a Linux web hosting service provider with unlimited storage benefit and great uptime. It will make you enjoy greater control along with amazing flexibility. With Bigrock, you will be able to customize the configurations and plugins based on your requirements.


  • Amazing storage facility
  • Flexible money-back guarantee
  • Free SSL certificate


  • Plans are a bit pricey


Before enabling any listed option, you should do a requirement analysis at the first movement. Once you are properly aware of all your requirements, you can easily choose the best thing. These 10 options with pros and cons will help you to reach an effective conclusion for your site. That’s all for today!

These are the top 10 Linux web hosting services that one can actually explore in 2022. But before going for any option, you should take a deep look at your hosting requirements and budget. But we can say that all these options are dedicated to your business growth and success. the right web hosting service will let you offer your users a truly smooth website experience while scaling your business constantly.

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