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Virtual private networks help you temporarily encrypt your browsing identity for a selection of web pages. VPNs are handy tools for browsing the internet securely and also help you temporarily change your browsing location.

VPN works by encrypting your data into small packets and creates a private tunnel. This helps in changing your location and unblocking sites that are not accessible in your region.

What is a VPN Service, and How does it Help Us?

VPN is a short form for a virtual private network, which encrypts your IP. You can temporarily change your IP and location with a VPN. The encryption helps you from getting viruses when you browse the internet.

People also use IP tracing to remotely manipulate your computer if they already have kept files in your computer for identification.

Many regions block websites that might not work with the countrymen. With the available remote computation worldwide, it is more necessary than ever to make sure your computer remains safe, and internet security is best with a VPN.

10 Best VPN for Android

Here is a quick look into our pick of the 10 best VPN for Android:

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. SurfShark
  3. CyberGhost
  4. Nord VPN
  5. IPvanish
  6. TunnelBear
  7. VyprVPN
  8. SpeedifyVPN
  9. Avira Phantom VPN
  10. Betternet

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN comes free in a trial for Android and offers fantastic benefits for the price. The interface is multilingual to help people from different cultures understand the functions. You can easily bypass website access with this VPN service. It offers best-in-class encryption for your device.


  • Best for Android and iOS mobile devices.
  • Comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • This company’s technical assistance service is notably better than other services, with multilingual service.
  • Undoubtedly, a professional-grade service with very robust encryption.

2. Surfshark

Surfshark is one of the VPN services which give you unlimited access with a free sign-up. The camouflaged model is a unique feature from the VPN provider that hides your IP even from your internet service provider. You can get a premium subscription if you need faster servers and more locations.


  • The service does not miss out on security, even while being free for use.
  • Customer support is also available if you choose any of the faster but premium services.
  • The server support is also unlimited in the connection, so you will not have to wait long to enter a server.
  • The only con of this service is the free trial option is only there for mobile and macOS users.

3. Cyberghost

Cyberghost is a VPN service that intends to improve slow internet connectivity. You will get a decent boost in internet speed, and the chat facilities are there to troubleshoot all your problems. The most noticeable feature of this tool is the security checks available for IP leak protection.


  • The app also has an automatic kill-switch, which ends the connection with any malicious websites in detection.
  • The 256-bit AES encryption is one of the most robust encryption methods, which uses minimal speed for best efficiency.
  • You can also run multiple devices with this app without compromising security, thanks to the fantastic encryption.
  • This service is available for all different devices, but the mobile device suffers from a lack of similar features as Windows.

4. NordVPN

NordVPN is building a name for itself and for very fair reasons so far. This is a cross-platform VPN service that offers similar features and services on every device. This paid VPN is cheap for the full catalog of components.


  • The military-grade advanced encryption standard protection will get you across Tor and Multihop connections as well.
  • The server is also vast, with many fantastic internet personalities supporting the service.
  • The automatic kill switch will protect your device, even when there is a sudden loss of internet connectivity.
  • Do not store or use your browsing data in any manner, so you are secure from all sides.

5. IPvanish

IPvanish VPN is a fantastic service for Android. This VPN also comes with a reasonably reliable encryption service and will protect you from regular internet attacks. You cannot use this VPN to go past Tor, but that is not the need of most users. The other major downside of this service is the lack of support for Disney+.


  • Excellent security. Equipped with the 256-bit AES encryption.
  • You can use this service for daily browsing or torrents, and you also will get support for 10 devices at the same time from one account.
  • Netflix also has very inconsistent IPvanish, and some privacy policy concerns can arise if you are a commercial user.

6. Tunnelbear

Tunnelbear is not a new competition in the VPN market, but it does not innovate enormously like the top firms. However, the VPN service features free access to their servers, and some paid features are behind a paywall. The browsing also works on a bandwidth limit, 500 megabytes every month.


  • You can promote them on Twitter to get another 500 MB.
  • The protection of this service is adequate, featuring advanced encryption standards for the best protection from hackers.
  • Comes with a Ghost Bear feature, which hides your IP even from the ISP.
  • The app also protects you from accidental data leaks during a loss of connectivity with an automatic kill switch.

7. VyprVPN

VyprVPN is a service that is widely available and popular for macOS. The service, however, is also available on Android smartphones. This VPN is a high-end VPN service with a very secure server system. The app has limitless features on all platforms and comes with the chameleon technology to hide your IP.


  • You can work around with numerous NAT firewalls protecting your activity on the internet.
  • The company has a no-log policy, which makes sure none of your data is in records.
  • The only downside of this service is its inconsistent speed sometimes on mobile data.

8. Speedify VPN

Speedify is a famous VPN service for Android that offers many tracking services as well. You can keep a trail of all your data when surfing with an intuitive interface. The service works like a charm on Android, but the server support is minimal.


  • You get a massive data quota per month, with 10 GB for free plans.
  • Broad coverage with no-log VPN policy.
  • The VPN works best with mobile data, but the wi-fi connection is also widely supported everywhere. Reliable streaming experience.

Almost everything about this VPN service is impressive, except the lack of advanced security features. The lack of security also makes it difficult for the service to unblock certain websites without any hiccups.

9. Avira Phantom VPN

Avira is a computer security company trying its hands on secure VPN services on a global scale. The privacy and security are nothing less you would generally expect from experts such as Avira.


  • The amazing thing that sets this VPN apart is the access to unlimited devices from a single VPN account. You will get limited server support, but they are planning an expansion in response to customers.
  • Adblocking capabilities are also good for Avira Phantom, but it is not nearly as good as other top VPNs.
  • The app offers good browsing security at a cheap price, so it’s worth the wait for further development.

10. Betternet

This widely used service is now available on mobile but lacks many features to be on top. Betternet still performs well on mobile with a very straightforward approach to servers. You will have to choose the random server which does not have a lot of speed but will get you through inaccessible websites.


  • The service will hide your IP without charging you, but it does not have a kill switch feature.
  • This service is the best VPN for torrenting without paying anything.
  • Comes with military-grade AES encryption.
  • You can also use this service for free, and it is better than mobile.


VPN is a fantastic technology that can get you past website blocks and security attacks. Your IP gets encrypted when you activate a VPN, and the websites will not recognize your IP’s location.

There are many benefits of using a VPN, such as buying content subscriptions for cheap from other countries. The protection which VPN services offer is around military-grade most of the time, and you will not have to carry any significant concerns regarding IP leaks.

VPN companies also do not monitor data most of the time, as sometimes that may raise concerns. Security is the big selling point of VPNs, and companies do not risk putting their customers at any risks.

Advanced encryption standards regulate the security structure of 256-bit encryptions, which will give you a lot of protection layers. Tor and multihop require different encryptions because online networks are very prone to cyber-attacks. Some premium VPN applications offer protection on Tor and multihop as well.

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